Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My mug is a piece of art, literally

Just like I did, Tracey Fletcher King started projects in June, only different ones from me.

One of them is a project where for 61 days she is going to be painting her friends cups and mugs.
She is doing this because she thinks it will be fun and also because it will challenge her to approach how she paints and depicts a single subject. She will be spending 20 mins on them and doing them onto index cards in keeping with the Index Card A Day Project over at Daisy Yellow, using whatever materials she feels inspired to use on the day from watercolour and ink, though to a bit of mixed media.

On June 3rd I got an e-mail message to let me know that my mug was ready:

Here´s the mug at home:


Tracey Fletcher King said...

It was a pleasure to paint Paula... thanks so much for not only being a part of it, but also for blogging about it... too sweet
T xx

Giggles said...

So exciting it turned out wonderfully....

Hugs Giggles

Faye said...

Tracey is so talented as well as being a humorous writer. What a fine job she did on your mug! It is beautiful.

Michelle Nahom said...

Beautiful! Love your mug!


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