Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What space do you wish to create? And a few news apps

Every Wednesday I participate in Jamie Ridler Studios´ Wishcasting Wednesday practice. Knowing what I wish for helps me guide my actions.

Today Jamie asks "What space do you wish to create?". You can participate too by joining the Linky party at Jamie´s prompt post.

I´ve been on a "Create Space" mission this year in preparation of our exchange student arriving in July. And sharing the process in my "Keep It Simple, Make It Work" series here every Sunday.
Want to see what we´ve been up to?

* This is what 15 years of utilities services bills look like. I phoned ecah company to ask how many did we need to keep. In Argentina services like Gas, Electricity and Telephone ask you to keep the records for 5 years. Otehrs like TV, Security and Health Care just one.
  Clue to bonfire night with 10 years of records!
* Boxes of products we didn´t have any more. Yes, those boxes that we had kept "Just in case". Off they went.
 * The medicines drawer was full of fliers, scraps of paper, odds and ends.
 * One of the toys shelves in the armoire. Everything was (in several weekends. Never take out more than you can organzie!) taken out, what was staying was chosen and the whole concept reshuffled.
 * The bathroom got some loving too.
 * Thanks to the new search engines I no longer need to keep so many "places to vist" fliers or newspaper clippings. I went through eaaaaaaaaaach folder and box. Got rid of what was no longer relevant or could find through another on line source. There were fliers of places we had actually visited that I kept.
I keep things I use or LOVE.
More examples and teh daily tasks instructions on how to do this in the Keep It Simple, Make It Work series.
Am I finished? No way.
~ Still going through magazines stacks. I hadn´t realized I had so many in different corners of the house! Got my old ones from 9 boxes to 7. Small dent but I made some friends happy posting them on FB up for grabs. Now on to the decoration ones.
~ Some more small drawers and shelves.

It is not only a physical job and physical space I´m wishing to create, it is also an emotional journey. Letting go of my carefree youth and fully becoming a fortysomething. Even some pieces that belonged to my young mom stage and my kids early childhood. I have teens now! ;) This transformation will be interesting. Let´s see where it takes me!

Today´s "theme" for Blogathon 2013 is Apps. I basically use my mobile devices for info consumption, I listen to podcasts and read Facebook. For content creation I use my laptop. Yes, I know, it´s supposed to be mobile as well but it just moves from the kitchen to the livingroom, it´s never out of  the house. The only other things I have are news channels.
Todo Noticias, Deutsche Welle, Capital FM, Huffington Post (lots of my friends read it and post links on FB), BBC News, CNN, Financial Times and The Times.


Lynne Wilson said...

I've been on a clutter cleanse for about a year now. It feels so good to get rid of all the extra stuff we don't need!

As Paula wishes for herself I also wish for her.

Cindi Summerlin said...

Oooooo come do my house! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

Amanda St.Clair said...

Look at you go! I went through my home a few months ago decluttering but it's already time again! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

Arla DeField said...

I am just starting this journey. We are downsizing to an RV full time. Been working towards this for the past four years. Very Excited and have way too much stuff!!!

Bonnie Giller said...

Wow, I love to throw things out. If I haven't worn it or used it in 2 years, out it goes. Someone else may surely be able to use it. My husband on the other hand...doesn't know what it means to throw things out. I'm going to share this post with him:)

Jen said...

I just told my husband that as I enter the next year of my life I'm going to be working to declutter our life. That means going through closets and through all of those places where we stick the things that need to go out of sight.

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

Playfull Genie Muse ~ CreaTEAvity said...

Ahhhh, decluttering is SO therapeutic ... regularly have splurges and it's amazing what we discover :)

Paula, as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also xx

Sian said...

Flyers are definitely one of my downfalls. I keep a lot from places we have visited too. I keep way too much paper!

Anonymous said...

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

I've been trying to do this but I get so overwhelmed with the whole process. What to keep and why. I tried the "if I haven't used it in a year throw it out" thing but when it comes to some things, like my crafting stuff, I just have the hardest time saying good bye. I keep thinking, I will use this!

But at least I've stopped bringing more stuff in. At least stopped bringing in as much as I used to. I'm giving up as much as I can but I don't know why its so emotionally hard for me.

Christina said...

I've been making a change too in my cluttering habits. I've made progress but there are some things I'm not ready to let go of, hence I still have a cluttered scrapbook room.

Haw you checked out She lives in a tiny house and while she doesn't talk much about the act of decluttering, she talks of simplicity of not having all the stuff.

Pearl said...

Sounds like Clutterers Anonymous to me - can I join? I have real trouble getting rid of stuff although I am better now than I used to be... You've made great progress already - more power to you!
As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.


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