Monday, October 07, 2013

Week #39 & Week #40 2013 Trips and celebrations

All these pics were taken as for Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve checked 272 out of the possible 279 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Monday, September 23rd (259/266): new buildings are still springing up in the neighbourhood.

Tuesday, September 24th (260/267): more open pods. I might be gathering some seeds for more trees this year. 

Wednesday, September 25th (261/268): after his trip to Bariloche our eldest is coughing a lot. A trip, this time to the doctors, ended at the pharmacy to buy this cough syrup. Report says it is not that nasty.

Thursday, September 26th (262/269): our youngest and her friends at 6.30am all ready for a trip to Tandil

Friday, September 27th (263/270): planning on some movement. 

Saturday, September 28th (264/271): drove some 100km to keep hubbie´s company. He had a business meeting here.

Sunday, September 29th (265/272): and she´s back. :) Happy with all her rappel adventures.

Monday, September 30th (266/273): decluttering the wardrobe, starting by the shoes. Do you change the seasonal clothing? 

Tuesday, October 1st (267/274): someone was paying attention when I was ranting about my phone being too old and feeling left out of all the Android fun. ;) It is Mother´s Day on the 3rd Sunday of October in Argentina and I´m getting a new phone. I´m glad they let me play with it early! :D

Wednesday, Octber 2nd (268/275): our eldest is one of our school´s National Flag escorts and he was invited to the Germany´s Embassy for a celebration of the reunification of Germany. He got quite a few goodies there. :)

Thursday, October 3rd (269/276): as their school is of German origin, they had typical German food for them today as part of the celebrations.

Friday, October 4th (270/277): see a food theme this week? ;)

Saturday, October 5th (271/278): finally! Thanks to the double camera I can be in the picture I´m taking too. My children and my godson.

Sunday, October 6th (272/279): even if I love my gadgets I still use paper pads and pretty colours for my note taking/journaling/planning.

What about you? Cell notes or paper notes? Contacts or old fashioned address notebook? Calendar on the wall or in your pocket?

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Katrina said...

Love the photos and the stories behind each! Great challenge to take a photo a day. Life is all about the challenges.

Khloé Belle Gadson said...

I totally use paper and pad...
I have a smartphone,an ipad,cool calendars and to do list and I end up writing everything down with my pad and pen...that matches my room decor. I find it easier to jot silly little things instead of opening the phone and typing...


Kathie Hitt said...

I think a photo challenge would be fun to do. Maybe do one month though to start with like the blogging challenge. I tried pen and paper but it's too bulky to carry around now. I have gone mobile with my phone using that calendar exclusively and now email myself notes. I write almost exclusively on my laptop or ipad now as well. Very fun, thanks for sharing!

Ashley Grant said...

love the photos! I wish I had thought of a photo a day challenge. Must remember that for the beginning of 2014!

DTaRelle F. Tullis said...

I use both paper and cell phone but mainly paper. I also use my cell phone calendar and the one at home at our command center at home. I think this is great so everyone in your household knows your schedule and what you are doing. Happy Blogging, stopping by from UBC.

misteejay said...

Lovely photos Paula.

Give me paper every time. I do have an 'open' calendar on my work PC so that folk can check my plans/location but on the whole I prefer to have something I can flick through.

Enjoy your new phone - I'm still 'pre-smart' LOL

Toni xx

bookworm said...

Although I have a laptop and an iPhone, I still keep notes the "old fashioned way" and have a paper calendar on the wall for appointments and other important reminders.


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