Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What do you wish to clear?

Every Wednesday creative coach Jamie Ridler posts a guiding question for you. Join Jamie and the circle to add your wish!

Taking this question literally, this is the space I wish to clear. Here (and in a bag in the attic) I have all our memorabilia: entry tickets, shopping tickets, wrappings, leaflets, stickers and all kind of souvenirs from trips. Also wedding invitations, christening postcards, place settings and other event souvenirs.

A lot of this will be gone when I´m done with the space and what is left will find it´s home next month. 
My table will see some action again when I participate in Leah´s "Art Every Day Month" in November. After 7 years taking part I´ve discovered that scrapbooking is my biggest motivator to craft every day, so I´m going with it again.
And I´m hoping to get 30 layouts done again. :)
2012´s production

 Now about what to be clear on: remember our "Artist´s way" group here back in 2011? It was a joy and an honour to see my friends work through it and some cool things came out of it. I have some new ideas for projects as I want to lead a group again. I´m going to write them all in cards and put them on the wall as I´ve done in the past to feel which one calls me.

making my idea maps on the wall
Do you take pictures with your cell phone? I know it sounds like a random question but it is not. Trust me. ;)

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Richa Singh said...

I too enjoy making scrap books but somehow I have not been able to sustain it. Perhaps reading you can bring about this craft back in my bag :D I love clicking pictures through phone!!!


Nancy Rodriguez said...

I, do take pics with my cell phone and what I need to clear a room that I call the "Junk Room" I have everything in there especially yarns & whole lot of books. I need to reorganize, but don't where to start.

Anita said...

I don't use an iphone, and the camera on the phone I use isn't very good... although I do a lot of photography, and am rarely anywhere without my regular camera :)
As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also...

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

No pictures with cell phone. As you wish for yourself, so also I wish for you.

Ginny said...

I do take pictures with my cell phone and would like to get better at it.
I am so excited about working with Jamie and possibly having group Skype planning sessions. It will be so much fun to meet you face to face.

As you wish for yourself Paula, I wish for you as well.

PS I loved being part of your Artist's Way group. I learned so much about myself and enjoyed meeting all of the artists that took part.

Kelly said...

Yes, I certainly do take photos with my iPhone. it's the only camera I now have. And I recently downloaded the camera+ app for better shots and macro shots.

Jen said...

I DO take pics with my iphone, but I'm trying to be better about whipping out my big girl camera...even though I'm thinking about getting the new Nokia when we upgrade, just so I can have a better camera on my phone since it's always with me.

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

misteejay said...

I haven't really used my phone for pics since I got a digital camera - I think the only pic I have taken with this phone was of the item I wanted as a background on the phone itself.

You are going to be busy in November - enjoy.

Toni xx

Alana said...

Those layouts look great. Yes I take photos with my phone, it's the only camera I have at the moment after my son dropped my other one, and I will continue to use it until I save up for a replacement.

Shannon Baker said...

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