Friday, November 01, 2013

AEDM ´13 Day 1: October 2013 update / November plan

Do you take pictures with your cell phone? Yes? Join my "Life on the Go" Facebook group! 

Meet a cool group of people from all over the world, sharing their view on daily life. From the seasonal fruit to the buses, from the breakfast table for six to the take away for one, from their knitting to their moving boxes, from the birthday cake decorated with Angry Birds to the books on their side table. Life. Glorious, ordinary life.

This is a simple, fun and meaningful project if you are joining Art Every Day Month for 2013. 

I will be keeping 131 pictures taken in October: 57 of them taken with my phone, 49 with a compact camera, 14 taken with a SLR and 11 sent by friends.

Why do I count the pictures? Because I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. This is my fourth time around with the Pic-a-day project and at the end of each month I make a mosaic of the month´s pictures and also summarize it in numbers for the My month in numbers feature by Julie Kirk.  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it. 

First time my 10 year old car broke down. Grateful for the guys at the petrol station that helped me out. 
Can´t really put a number to how much our next door tree changed this month!

Lots of "one"s this month: one coffee date, one First Comunnion party, one visit to the library, one new cd:
Also one election day and one UN project at school.
That´s my son in the middle leading the meeting
A very singular month indeed!

Plans for November 2013:
* 1 scrapbook layout a day for Art Every Day Month
* 1 picture taken with my cell phone a day for Life on The Go.
* craft room decluttering and organizing for my Keep it Simple, Make it Work series. You can read the daily prompt at my Paula - Buenos Aires FB page.  
* Work with Jamie Ridler on her podcasts for the Creative Living with Jamie site. 

AEDM Day 1 table: this is my working table right now. We are making a panda jacket with my 14 year old daughter. Come back tomorrow to see how far we got today!

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Susan Schiller said...

Art every day. I really like this idea and I'm going to check out your group. Seriously - this looks like so much FUN! Thank you :)

Creative Soul Juice - Hobby Parent said...

Wow! How ambitious! Like all the inspiration. ~Hobby

Sara Silva said...

Very nice pictures. What a great way to document the year.

misteejay said...

Love the last photo - he looks so grown-up and very smart.

Toni xx

Serena Lewis said...

You are so organised, Paula! I always love visiting your blog....great photos and so welcoming. I'm looking forward to following along with you for AEDM. Thanks for all the links.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've always loved visiting you during AEDM and CED. You always have something interesting going.

BTW, I am probably one of 3 people in the world over the age of 9 who does NOT own a cell phone, much less one with a camera in it! So of course I had to laugh when I read that!

Serena said...

I'm already really enjoying myself with your Life on the Go group. Can't wait for tomorrow's prompt! I like the whole flow you've got going with your photos and how they work into several projects. Very cool! By the way, I posted to my blog about your Life on the Go project these last two days, putting links to your blog and the project page for those who'd like to check it out.

Sian said...

I'm hoping to update my phone soon and that will renew my enthusiasm for taking pictures this way. Phone photos have a special magic, I think!

We have some pictures just like that UN one - Model United Nations was a favourite of my son's too

Julie Kirk said...

I think I must be the last person on earth [and certainly the last scrapbooker] to have yet bought a smart phone so I can easily share my photos! Maybe my December numbers might feature '1 new phone delivered by Santa' ... I can only hope!

Yours is so far the 3rd October number post to mention cars so far - I always find it funny when a similar theme gets threaded through everyone's stories.

You're on the board now:

Happy November Paula!

Julie :-)

Nathalie said...

Art and photo every single day! How lucky! I admire how you always share your creative plans... Loved seeing the changes in your tree :)


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