Monday, November 11, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 12

Sometimes getting the words spelled out in stickers gets tricky. You use all the most popular letters first and then hustle a bit to find synonims with the letters you still have. :D
On my working table for Nov 11th: trying out words in different colours. Finally I found enough letters for "Domingos" (Sundays) in green for my Art Every Day Month layout for Day 11.

A late "Life on the Go" picture. This really belongs to Nov 10´s prompt "eyes" but the post was already too full for more images yesterday.
These are my kids. They both have blue/grey/green eyes. When teh colour is required for a form they only have space for "blue" but we all know they are not. Weather colour should be an option for official forms. ;)

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Jess Benoit said...

I love the picture frame!

Anonymous said...

Love those eyes!

Bonnie Gean said...

You're so talented... I wish I could make beautiful frames like that!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your children have gorgeous eyes, no matter what color they are described to have... how about "ridiculously beautiful!"

I'm glad you enjoyed the blogging inspiration post with Henry David Thoreau's quote, etc. It is always good news my words make people giggle!

Tracy said...

Love the frame & what beautiful kids!


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