Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 27 And a bit more later

The basic tools on my table:
Cutting board and metal ruler, scissors, hole punch, black pencil, blue pen, ruler, adhesive, scissors, date stamp, black ink, blade cutter and circle punch.

The layout for Art Every Day Month, Day 26: Die Mannschaft whch means team in German.
Not totally happy with the foamie letter stickers. Wish you could see them better.

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Sian said...

I bet you can see the letters well in real life. Sometimes that happens with photos. It's a great page.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I tried foamy sticky letters for the first time recently and was very unhappy with them! I figure I live and I learn and I live and I learn and I live. And Learn. LOL.

Just this morning as I happened to catch an old brick building being demolished (and snapped photo after photo) is how much my photos are about telling stories... some of them seem rather remote from my life - what does my life have to do with that old building - but it IS relevant... it certainly feels relevant, why else would I cry as I watch the bricks come tumbling down like they were?


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