Thursday, November 28, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 28 What do you wish for?

Me? What I wish for?
A complete plan for 2014. An exciting, full of energy, hope and fun plan. A plan I can pin on the wall and smile at it. A plan I can share with you and you will smile at it in a "Yep. Let´s do this" way.
My plan in four colours for 2009

PS: a few hours later. I´m planning today. It involves lots of acrylic paints to write notes which I will stick to teh wall with masking tape. What do you want to play with next year? I´m open to new projects, both joining and leading. Jot down your crazy, wild ideas in the comments. Let´s play!

I started Wishcasting back in February 2009, right on my birthday. With the years it has morphed from "I wish this" to "I will do this", becoming an action trigger. All based on Jamie Ridler´s prompts.
Today Jamie has announced she is no longer going to be hosting these. To participate in the last Wishcastings of the year, go to this week´s original post to add your wish.

I remembered to take the picture of my working table when the page was almost done.
A sweet page about my niece´s first steps for Day 27 of Art Every Day Month.

PS: I wish for Quinn McDonald´s new book to be a wild success. I wish to be able to accept that I must be kind of good if my writing is in it.
Click on the book to be taken to a preview of the inside of the book
More plans on December 1st. Come back then for more fun! :)

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misteejay said...

Oh my Paula, how tidy and organised you are when working - love the LO.

You really should celebrate your achievement at being in Quinn's book as it is very well deserved.

Toni xx

Barbara Schwartz said...

Some of the best things in my life haven't been planned ahead. Sounds like this year has been a lovely and prolific one for you.

Dia said...

And though I've been more sporadic with Wishcrafting, Paula, I remember those early years!! I love your description of the evolution to action!
As you wish, I also wish for you!

Heather Cameron said...

Just new to site, and I love your energy. I have to discover and looking I have to look around and discover what it all about.

Dr Tandy said...

Great post. You are very creative and organized. I can use some of these tips.

Angie von Scheffelheim said...

I go against the German stereotype as I am a TERRIBLE planner. But I do love organization, and I love how neat and tidy everything looks in your workspace.

I have absolutely nothing planned for 2014. :( But your energy in this post makes me think I should start getting something together. lol

Diana Bukowski said...

I will miss wishing with you, but will still see you on facebook and here on your blog! As you wish for yourself, Paula, so do I wish for you as well! ♥


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