Friday, November 29, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 29 Kristen Toney Campbell´s recipe book

I met Kristen Toney Campbell through a blogging group and immediately fell in love with her blog. It is full of lovely projects with a down to Earth approach that completely suits my style.

As I´m running a decluttering and organizing of crafty material series on my Facebook page with daily tasks and I´m also introducing some holiday prompts to get ready for the season Kristen´s post on a personalized Recipe Holder fit both themes perfectly and I asked her to be my guest here today.

You can find more organizational articles at her "The road to domestication" blog and more tips at her Domestic Road Facebook page.

Here´s Kristen´s demo:

So, I LOVE to cook. Some women don’t like to come home after working a full day and have to cook, but it’s literally one of my favorite times of day! It’s my “me” time, it’s my relaxation time, it’s my time to create and experiment with flavors, textures and styles!
As you can imagine, I’m always finding new recipes. I see them on blogs, I get them in my email, I get them from friends, I pin them on Pinterest…you get the idea. And almost none of them come in the exact same form.
This created a large build-up of papers (of all shapes and sizes), napkins, recipe cards, etc. Whatever form the recipe came in was shoved into a folder, which meant that every time I said, “Hmmm…where did I put that recipe for Paula Deen’s meatloaf I found the other day?” I had to pull out the folder and dig through until I found the desired item. VERY ANNOYING. Not to mention that our kitty figured all the papers spread everywhere was a direct invitation to come along and pounce away. An even bigger mess.
As the holidays drew near (last year), our family began to set up menus for all of the events, and there are always requests for specific dishes I make. The only problem was finding the recipe for all the requested dishes. And I was over it this past holiday season. Something had to give.
So, I searched and searched for the perfect solution. To no avail. After a few weeks of frustration, my husband commented, “Geeze, why don’t you just make your own! You make everything else, don’t you? That way you can customize the whole thing and it will be exactly how you want it to be!”
Smart man I married, smart man.
Here’s what I did – it’s all pretty simple.
1. I picked up a black 2-inch ring notebook, a set of black and white 8.5 X 11 scrapbook papers and a set of sheet protectors. 
2. I went through all of my recipes and separated them all into categories that made sense to ME and the way I cook.
3. I created sections for each chosen category using the sheet protectors, scrapbook papers and my big label maker.
4. I put ALL of my recipes on the SAME SIZE sheet of paper in black and white.
What I love about it:
    • It’s all black and white. I’m a very black and white person, literally and figuratively, so this worked great for me, and it saves on printer ink, too - but you can do it in any color combination!
    •  It’s customized so I know exactly where everything is.
    •  It’s easy to add a new recipe.
Here’s what a section looks like:
And here’s what a typical entry looks like! (I just copied this out of a magazine somewhere…I think! Ha!)
I even made the back cover pretty!
I was originally going to put a Table of Contents on the back cover, but I decided not to yet, because I’m always adding and changing things!
This made the holiday season much less stressful, I have to say, and it’s still working perfectly. Did I mention it makes meal planning and grocery shopping SO MUCH EASIER? It does!
Whatcha think? Fairly simple, right?
Thank you for your contibution Kristen! 
Find Kristen on line at her blog: The road to somestication, her Facebook page:  Domestic Road and Twitter: @DomesticRoad
Talking about organzing things, I´ve been working on my plans for December and beyond. I´ve been working with my own pretty papers too:

And here´s the finished layout: Tati´s first cell phone (ok, the only one so far but the title looked cuter with "first" ;) ) which she got when she finished her primary school.
Only one more to go for Art Every Day Month!!! Come back tomorrow for the summary of such an intense month and an invitation to new adventures. :)

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Lavender Knits said...

That is such a perfect, simple, brilliant solution! I have all my recipes in a large old falling apart envelope. lol! never thought to put all in a 3 ring binder! This way, the cutout recipes can be scanned in and printed on regular paper with room to note down adjustments to the recipes. I've tried the recipe card method and have been too lazy to keep up with writing them out.

Kim @ WampumHome said...

Great idea. My mom gave us all a very similar cookbook a few years ago and gives us extra pages as she comes across things. We were always asking her... 'how did you make that...." you know, the one I loved as a kid!! Then the grandkids wanted to know how she made things... Now we call her and she say.. it's in 'mom's cookbook' :)

Delia @ Blog Formatting said...

This looks fabulous, Paula. And I love the black and white idea for the cookbook, so elegant.

Or other 2 colors would work as great! I think it really helps to get the message of the recipes across!

Carol Li said...

The cookbook is a great idea!


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