Saturday, November 30, 2013

AEDM 13 Day 30 We did it!

Singing like Dora the Explorer as I go about my day on the last day of Art Every Day Month. We did it! On my 8th AEDM:

* 30 days of working tables.

* 30 scrapbooking layouts.

* 30 pictures taken with my cell phone following prompts from Life on the Go.

Working table for Day 29, a new kit opened.
My layout. Another one that took forever to finally come together! My girl getting her primary school diploma.

With that first page of the double spread, the table on the 30th was about matching.
And the final layout! Day 30 of Art Every Day Month.

Thank you so very much for the encouraging comments this month! Thanks to all the AEDMers that published and shared their work!

See you tomorrow for the month´s summary in numbers and some new plans. Unveliling little by little. ;)

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Jewel Williams said...

I really like the way that you ended your month for your blogging, very sincere, yet inviting. The final products are are definitely a storyteller with a camera.

misteejay said...

Well done Paula and congratulations on completing another AEDM. You now have lots of new lovely LOs to add to your albums.

Toni xx

Victoria said...

Yay Hello Paula..lovely to visit you again! Such beautiful art and creations..very special and meaningful..fantastic work! Gorgeous!
Wishing you a beautiful day and happy creating always my friend!

denthe said...

Great work! well done on finishing the challenge!

Serena said...

Thank you for having Life on the Go and for all YOUR encouragement to us!! You're such a wonderful organizer and inspirer. I don't know how you do it all, my dear woman. P.S. I could see you as Dora the Explorer! Little Paula as Dora! Awwwww!! xo


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