Thursday, January 30, 2014

So I sat and watched my good intentions crumble

Good intentions. Those shiny, uplifting, feel-good plans you have at the beginning of a cycle.
I hit the floor running this year and arrived at our Patagonian cabin with an armful of notebooks and plenty of Post It notes.
My view while I created a year of photography prompts
 You can read about the creative process here.
I read some books, including The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
The author wrote back to me when I sent her this photograph. :)
I listened to The Unmistakable Creative podcast and was inspired by the interviews by Srinivas Rao.
Yes, I sent Srini this photograph and he wrote back. ;)
We hiked ten kilometres up the mountain to the Refugio Frey among other wonderful walks around the Andes.
That is me, our daughter Tatiana, my hubbie Daniel and our son Matías.
I felt ... happy. :) Hopeful, grounded, clear.

And then we came back home. And life happened. Tons of laundry, bills to pay, general housework and I´m not even mentioning my least favourite chore. Appointments to make, forms to fill out, schedules.
I lost my creative compass and for a split second was tempted to throw it all away and declare 2014 lost.
Really? In three days? That must be a record.

But then I decided that a day late was ok. That I could tell you my story as it is. The super organized gal who can be a headless chicken for a while and fights to get her way back to creativity and order.

Do you have "back home overwhelm"?

PS: it is not late to plan your year. If you blog Delia from Blog formatting is offering a planning session on February 1st so you can get all your ducks in a row. :D Go enrole at this free training now at her Evenbrite by clicking here.

PS2: I´ll be back. ;)

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Liliana Marsden said...

Hi Paula

Great post and it is truly so easy to give up but you haven't and you've gained so much.

I had a procrastinating and give up year in 2013. I was being hard with me the other day due to not doing much on my business blog, which I abandoned in April 2013 after starting really well in February 2013. But then I thought and I did achieve other things, helped my husband with his new online business and started a blog about my losing 42 lbs/ 19Kg and although I kept it secret till this January, I've learned loads from it.

So even when we give up, we can pick up the pieces again :)

This is my first year where I actually written down my goal. Yearly ones and monthly ones.

Great post.

Jan Kearney said...

Fab photos Paula - and good to hear you are picking yourself up, dusting off and not letting a headless chicken moment get to you :)

Sian said...

I think feeling overwhelmed when you get home is very it a few days to settle down is a good idea. Too much planning can get overwhelming too, though - leave yourself some "wriggle room"!

Anne Butera said...

Aww, I can relate. One of the things I've learned is to be easy on myself. After a wonderful trip like that you need a few days to recover. You'll find your creative mojo again, don't worry.

Sending hugs!

Delia @ Blog Formatting said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about the workshop, Paula! The event is now sold out but if anybody is still interested, please subscribe to my emails at and I'll send you the recording on Sunday :)

Quinn said...

Life does not make room for creativity. We make room. We do not find meaning, we make meaning. And sometimes we have to pay bills, do laundry, dust, cook, and creativity takes a back seat. But it's not gone. It's right there where we left it, waiting for us. Just because we forget to brush our teeth doesn't mean we quit. We do an extra good job when we remember. Creativity is always ready, and when we are, it will welcome us with open paint box!

Sonja Ceri said...

It's time to stop making a living and instead design a life you want to live. If the household is so overwhelming, split the tasks or leave it at all for a couple of days. Set your priorities right.
You want to be a writer? Then start acting as one.
Cut out the stuff you don't want to do. Think who could help with these tasks instead.

Andrew Lockhart said...

Great article, loved the beautiful pictures in the article.

misteejay said...

The beautiful photos show that you were enjoying life & family time so I'm glad you didn't 'throw 2014 away'. It is a good thing to take a step back and take a deep breath.
Toni xx

Erin said...

Hi Paula, I love your post! I'm so happy you stuck with it and didn't give up on 2014. Blogging and living a full-time real life can be difficult at times, and it's tough to get posts up when life gets in the way. But, better late than never!!

We're going on vacation in April and I have to admit I'm a little worried that I'm going to have trouble getting back into the swing of everyday life once we come home. I hope to manage as well as you have!

GetSocialForBusiness said...

Hi Paula
Great post thanks so much for sharing your true feelings with us.

Patagonia looks amazing - treasured memories with your teens before they leave you - so important!

I know you well enough to know that you will be back twice as strong and organised soon enough


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wow! Liliana! That is a LOT to achieve! Great idea on writing your goals. It makes the path clearer.

Thanks Jan. I recognize I have patterns and cycles. The chicken comes and goes. :D

*paula tries wriggling* Sian, remember that song that said wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah! Around 93/95 :D

I still need to master the "easy on myself" Anne! ;)

Looking forward to the planning event Delia!

Wise words Quinn. I´m making a priority list to make space.

Sonja, that´s what teen children are for. ;) Plus they are on summer holidays! Honestly thay are willing to help. It´s me the old fashion mama that does everything but I´m learning to delegate.

It is an amazingly beautiful area Andrew.

Still holding hope for 2014 Toni! :D

Have a great time Erin! Enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Sue! Tati is already planning on hiring renting the same place when she is older. :D

Linda Atwell said...

Yes, unfortunately, I suffer from this too. I feel great when I'm away and often overwhelmed when I'm home. I thought I was the only one who did. Visiting from Out One Ear over at Blog Formatting! Happy weekend to you.

Vikki @Cuteek said...

Hi, stopping by via Blog Formatting comment weekend on Facebook! * waves *

I can totally relate to the organized headless chicken thing. I've had a lovely Winter break and just can't seem to get back into things this week. I decided today was the day, 1st of the month and all that. 2014 is just beginning.

Good on your for sorting out a whole year of prompts and great photos!

Anonymous said...

I think the main thing is not to give up but to reset your targets and reprioritise all the "stuff". Well done for moving forward and good luck with the rest of the years goals

Judy Hartman said...

Hi Paula,
Haven't visited for a while, but just wanted to say that everyone (including me) has a letdown when returning to reality after fruitful time away. Just think of all you've done and give yourself some slack.
Wishing you a wonderful year!

denthe said...

Oh Paula, so glad to hear that you occasionally suffer from overwhelm too ... So there's hope for me yet ...;-)


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