Sunday, February 02, 2014

Three weeks in the Patagonia Jan 14 summary in numbers

Time flies when you are having fun! How did you do with your goals and intentions on the first month of 2014? After a bit of a misshap at the end of January when we came back home from our Patagonian summer holidays it seems it was not as bad as it looked and I am somewhat back on track. :D

Sooo where am I standing? My goals sheet is much more linear and tidy than 2013´s. Same concept, less lines, all colour coded, one side for on line goals, another one for home/family goals. *sigh of relief at the sight of codes in lines instead of doodles* ;)
2013´s goals
 One of the projects that I brought to an end in its former form was my Creative Every Day challenge  led by Leah Piken Kolidas. I´ve taking at least a picture a day for the whole year for the past four ones and presenting a weekly update.  The update will now take a montly form, right in time to summarize it in numbers for the My month in numbers feature by Julie Kirk.  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it. Yep, two-in-one, I´ve been known to multitask that way before. :D

I´m keeping 485 of the holiday pictures taken this month with my Sony Cyber-shot and my Samsung S4. Neither Daniel nor Tati have handed med their iPod pics yet! *taps foot and looks around waiting* I also have 19 non hols pictures.

Talking about pictures: last year I led "Life on the Go" for Art Every Day Month in November. It was project which had daily picture prompts with a cool group of people from all over the world, sharing their view on daily life. From the seasonal fruit to the buses, from the breakfast table for six to the take away for one, from their knitting to their moving boxes, from the birthday cake decorated with Angry Birds to the books on their side table. Life. Glorious, ordinary life. We became a merry band of sisters and kept the project alive for another month and then another and yet another. 

Here are my takes on the prompts for January. If you want the ones for February join my Paula - Buenos Aires page! Remember to mark it as "Get notifications" for them to show up on your feeds every day. :)

Missed the one on the 29th!
My "go out" goals for 2014 are 6 new places to eat, 2 craft fairs, 2 animé exhibitions and 3 new Museums. Not counting Bariloche´s although we did visit a lovely craft fair and an art exhibit.
A few of the stands of the Feria de las Picadas
My "hobbies" goals include: 60 layouts (0 in Jan), 12 fiction books (0 in Jan), 6 non fiction (3 for Jan! ) and 6 rereadings (1 began in Jan).

February plans:

Participate in "29 Faces" February´s edition. This is a fun project that takes place twice a year, in February and September. Whenever I make the time for it I see improvement in my drawing. Wanna join? Click here!

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misteejay said...

Lots of interesting numbers there Paula. Glad you are feeling 'back on track'.

Toni xx

Ray said...

Great numbers - a lot of stuff going on over there in your life! Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Bowns said...

Wow you're very busy!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Paula - happy to have you joining in into 2014 - and you always seem to combine your projects/memes so well! Makes perfect sense really!

I love that you have all your goals set out like that. I keep track of the books I've read - but never thought to challenge myself to read a set number. Might give it a go! Some structure certainly helps keep things on track.

And I love that you've got a 'new places to eat' goal too ... good food is definitely worth making the effort!

I've pinned your post to the group board now Paula:

Happy February to you and yours!

Julie :-)


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