Friday, February 28, 2014

Lisa Beaulieu sends an art rainbow into the world

I asked American artist Lisa Beaulieu to share the story of her rainbow angels. See how joyfully cute they are! Each one has a message and will find its way to people around the world. Which one resonates with you?

I invited her to be my guest today and asked her three questions to cover the creative space, the creative process and the art itself. Here´s what she wrote for us:

Paula I am so excited! Thank you for inviting little ole me!!!!

1) The creative space: where and when do you work? Do you always work at the same time or whenever you feel like it? Do you have a dedicated space or do you push things to the side to make it?

I have a creative space in the basement but it is a dungeon and I rarely do anything down there. No sun, no view, no soft place for my dog Flash to hang out with me, so he just stands next to me and waits and eats art supplies while I am distracted. Most of the time I work on the dining room table. I have the house to myself in the days. I put down a plastic picnic table cloth. Sitting there I have views of trees, so it is much nicer!

I work almost always in the afternoons. I am easily distracted and pick up other people's energy a lot, so I tend to only be able to work on anything - writing, fimo, painting, collage, anything interior - when I am alone in the house. I have commitments most mornings but do try to leave afternoons free. I had a very good rhythm going all last year where I created every single afternoon during the week. My husband got most of the month of December off, and it messed me up! (Good for him though of course.) I am still trying to get back into my routine.

2) The creative process: how long did it take you to make the collection? Did you have a plan?

A while back I decided to make one collage and one little fimo doll a day. I make them in the afternoons, the fimo always first. The fimo dolls come easy, I just love doing it and feel absolutely no pressure.

I never planned "a collection", and in fact, I don't consider it such right now. I did go through phases. For a while they were all guardian angels with big wings. Then I began stamping words on the angels' bodies. Then I wanted more words than would fit on the body, so I began using pins and letter beads. That's where I am now. My intention is to leave them in public places for giveaways like people do with painted rocks (I am especially fond of McCabe's rocks at dancing mermaid, but my rocks never worked out that well. This was sort of my substitute.) I also have plans to create little houses of card board for them, and put some in tiny shrines.

3) The art: do you have a name for each piece? Where is the first batch going?

Each one is named by the word on them. If they have no words, I haven't named them especially. That said, each one is incredibly dear to me! It surprises me how much so! Even the ones that don't come out quite right, I keep and love.

The batch that got claimed on Facebook is going all over the world. A farm in New Jersey, Moriah NY, Tuscaloosa Alabama, Columbus Ohio, St Louis Missouri, Portland Maine, 2 to Alexandria VA, a small town in Pennsylvania, 2 more to Livermore Falls Maine and Couer d' Alene Idaho in the USA. One is going to Argentina and another one to Sweden.

A selected few of them will be left to be found and taken so if your readers have any ideas on where to place my angels, PLEASE share! I have made little cards to go with them that have a blog and an email address. My idea is to take photos of them where I leave them with the card. Then when someone claims one, the card is there, and I hope they might be curious and look at the blog and leave a message or email about where they found it and why they took it.

The blog Wabi- whimsy will start getting filled in the spring 2014 as I just can't bear to leave my little children out in bad weather!

You can visit the rest of them on my Etsy shop WabiWhimsy at -
There are many angels there bringing their messages for you.

Thank you SO MUCH Paula!!!!

You can find Lisa on the web:
Lisa´s Etsy shop:
Lisa´s blog from spring 2014:
Lisa´s email:

By the way: this is the message that was perfect for me. I was lucky to be able to claim it and I am glad to say my angel is coming home. :)

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misteejay said...

Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Paula, that angel is perfect for you - so glad it will be arriving to live with you.

Toni xx

sky nealon said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiration post with us all. These angels are really cute and I will certainly keep an eye for them if any of them decide to hop over here to Europe, and maybe take a photo of it.


Adrienne said...

I really enjoyed reading this article and seeing the amazing pieces of art. Thanks for sharing!

Kavindra said...

I need you to follow me around and edit me with love like you have done here, lol! Thank you for having me as a guest <3

Adelina Priddis said...

I love the messages on these!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Toni, it was an instant soul recognition. I´m really happy it´s coming home.

Keep your eyes open Sky! They will travel all over the world. :)

You are welcome Adrienne. I loved how colourful and meaningful they were.

My pleasure Lisa! It was awesome to see people claiming angels and saying that a certain message was perfect for them.

Me too Adelina! All positive, encouraging messages.


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