Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Keeping memories: How to organize your photos. Digital version

Just like last week when we organized our paper versions, the first step is to know where your pictures are. And please remember to BACK THEM UP. That is the voice of experience there. ;)
Picture taken with my cell phone this month
Tip: external drives are great to have your whole digi collection together.

An easy way to find things again is to file by year, then by month, and if you want to be more specific then by event (which I no longer do).

Delete all blurred ones and repetitions. Some photographers say "Be ruthless". I take a more gentle approach. Yes, I know you can see the big mess of an unmade bed and backpacks in that special picture but it is the only one I have of my cousin´s house so I´m keeping it. Big mess and all. ;)

Here is my friend Marja´s tip for Mac users: I download my photos to iPhoto then go through them and flag the ones I think will work for me and then delete all the unflagged ones. I then export them all to my desktop, edit in photoshop elements. I open them in batches of the same day/same moment/same set of shots and pick the best ones out of that and then edit and save to have printed.

How long is it since you printed your digi pictures? Mom says it seems she has only little grandkids because I don´t print her new pictures of the kids. Lol!

Not so little any more

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misteejay said...

I have my photos on the PC saved by month & year unless it is something specific and then it has a folder all of its own. They are all backed up on memory sticks and I have many still save on the camera memory cards (so saved in more than one place...just to be on the safe side (I too have lost stuff when PC or camera has decided to die).

Toni xx

Sian said...

Wise words here. Yes, my Mum often asks me to show her some actual photos she can hold in her hand

Ruby said...

“Tip: external drives are great to have your whole digi collection together.” – I agree. It’s important to have another back up copy of your photos, especially if you want to collect all of your precious souvenirs. Printing them is also a good way to preserve them. You just have to be careful in storing them to prevent damages. Thanks for a great read, Paula! :)

Ruby Badcoe

iHanna said...

I'm pretty organized with my photos on the computer - but yeah, the printing/making photo books... gah! :-)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Saved more than once, my kind of memory keeping Toni! :D

And that makes fact #464860990806 that we have in common Sian. ;)

Ruby, I´m a librarian and although I love digi, paper is my first love. :) The external drive is great to have quick access to everything and not to go through multiple devices/albums.

I checked and I haven´t printed since mid 2012 Hanna! I´ll go ... gah! too. :D

Anne Butera said...

I haven't printed for a long, long, time. But at least my photos are in date order and all backed up. I do delete blurry photos, but probably keep more than I should. Eventually I want to tag all of them with keywords for easy searching, but that will be a HUGE project.


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