Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keeping memories: How to organize your photos. Paper version

You have tons of photographs. Both the paper and the digital type. So many that they feel overwhelming. It is time to put some order to your memories.
My granfather on his grandmother´s knees. Ca 1907

First thing you need to know: where are your photographs?

Paper copies.
Are they in boxes, envelopes or albums? Gather them in one place to start sorting.
Most useful way to keep them in order to find what we are looking for quickly is in chronological order. Make some "When, Who, When, Why" notes. You might remember when these were taken and who is on them now but will you remember in 20 years time?

Tip: add a 6x4 card with all the notes in the envelope or place it as another picture in the picture slots of the albums.

For the older paper pictures that came from film: where are the negatives? Are they placed with the envelopes / albums or are they mixed up? If they are with their paper versions, leave them where they are. If they are mixed up, place them together in a box. We will come back to order those later.

Tip: when you actually go through the negatives add a small white label sticker on the negatives envelope with the date.

As I am a scrapbooker I print what I want to put in the albums. Those pictures are stored by album theme and sub theme. Click here to read a post showing you how I do that. 

Do you have photographs in frames at your home/ ofice? Do you update them with newer versions?

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misteejay said...

The only photos I have at work are of my niece and I did up date them when she went to Uni but I don't have any at of her since she got married - those are on the wall at home.

Toni xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Love the nice relationship you have with her Toni. So sweet. :)

Anne Butera said...

I keep meaning to get some photos printed for hanging around the house (and envision hanging them all over the walls on the stairway going from the first to second floor), but it hasn't happened yet. I do have some photos on my desk, mostly of my husband and of the two of us, but also some photos of me as a child.

My physical photos are all in a box (some have disappeared over the years and I wish they hadn't). My digital photos are in chronological order on my computer, but I haven't gotten very far in my effort to tag them for easy searching.

Christine said...

thanks for the day...I will get to this!

Renee Huggins said...

Mine are inside of baggies inside of boxes. So sad. Thanks for the tips and for sharing on #theultimateparty!

Tammy @ said...

I do about the same as Renee--I need to get back to it!

Kavindra said...

Wow, that old photograph is wonderful - what a treasure!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

The "hanging them all over the walls on the stairway" hasn´t happened at home yet either Anne. And we´ve been living here for 16 years! :D SOme day. ;)

One of my prionciples is to "walk the talk" so I´ll be getting to this now Christine. Nothing like a good old sharing to prompt me into action. ;) You can follow the progress at

At least you know where they all are Renee! Choose one or two for a little trip down memory lane and a Throw back Thursday at your cyberhomne. :)

I´ll be getting into the digi version next week Tammy. I´m sure you have lots from your kids.

It is a treasure indeed Lisa. One of its kind. I scanned it and sent it to my cousins as I am the only one that has these kind of memories. I got them from my grandma when I was 15.

denthe said...

I managed to sort out all my paper pictures a few years ago, with dates and everything. Put them all in a box to make photoalbums for my 2 kids. And they're still in the box ....
One day I'll get around to doing it I hope .... (at least they're sorted ☺)

Crystal said...

I definitely need to organize my photos. Even the digital kind are spread out all over the place! Cool photo. I have one of my grandmother like that when she came over to Ellis Island

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

That is a great progress Denise! They can go and fetch their pictures when they want to see them! :D

What a treasure Crystal! The digi tips are coming next week. :)

Meredith S said...

I have boxes and boxes of photos! Storing them chronologically makes a lot of sense. I like the idea of putting a note card with them containing my notes about who and when are in them as well. Thanks! This is helpful! Thanks for linking up at Friday Facebook Favorites!


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