Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you need approval?

Coach Tricia Dycka is my guest this week with something very close to every creative person´s heart: what others have to say about our creations.
Here´s her take on the subject.
"Do you need approval?
When a stranger approaches and asks the fated question: "So, what do you do?", you respond happily and chat away about your services and the transformation you provide.
Notice that it might be way easier to talk to strangers about your business than your family and friends.  Sometimes strangers are more interested and nonjudgmental of what you are doing.  It really does not affect them unless they want your services, whereas family and friends can have lots to say and not all of it supportive or shall we say even NICE.

Can you fully embrace who you are and are meant to be/become without the approval from others?  How often do you find yourself chasing it and still coming up empty?
Will you stop yourself in your tracks of following your passion because of the lack of approval?
I have asked these questions to myself especially when I realized what I wanted my life to become.  I realized that to this day there are several people who are in my life who really do not understand what I am doing and better yet ignore it as if it will go away.

Why did I want to bring this to your attention?   
Sometimes we create in our mind a situation that just is not even there. 
Perfect example - there were things I was nervous about telling my hubby in regards to my business. Well nervous is not the right word, how about petrified.  Afraid he will really see me for a freak and just get up and leave.

We go through change and this can alter our perception of life and what goes on around us.  As we open up to our gifts and focus on how we want life to show up for us it becomes clear what we will accept.
I was taking energy classes and realized this was allowing me to open up my awareness on how I saw life.  Through this lens my gifts were growing.  I was petrified to tell the hubby what I was going through and what I wanted to do. 
One night I decided "This is it", I choose to tell him EVERYTHING.  What surprised me the most was that he was not surprised at all.  He told me all my fear was just that, fear!  He loved me for who I am and whatever I choose to experience so be it.  I was not hurting anyone and not cutting chicken heads off so what was the problem??
The problem was I created this scenario in my head with a completely different ending.  Fear had me stopping doing what I wanted to do.  After that conversation everything just moves forward, fear creeps up and I still forge ahead full steam.

Next time ask yourself if you are hiding and why?  Are you looking for approval?  Will you stop yourself from what you want to please others?
I would like to offer all those of you who are stuck in fear or uncertainty of your next move, a FREE 15 minute session.  Sign up here"

Thank you for your generous offer Tricia!

Tricia is an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast Tricia’s mission in life is to help others understand the emotional roller coaster women business owners go through. That the feeling of being alone and nobody understanding is just a thought in your head. Every break down comes before a break through either in your personal or business life. As an intuitive coach she helps you in your business as a source of support, helping you deal with doubts and define blocks that keep you from going where you want to go. You are not alone.

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misteejay said...

Thank you Paula for bringing us this very interesting guest - her words give a lot to think about.

Toni xx

Boonie said...

Yes. Seeking approval is a tricky topic, and an invisible power that controls many of us. I think this post can give great awareness to the motivations underlying our interactions with others, and how and when and what we choose to say to others in our lives. I agree that it can be easier to speak to those outside our family about who we are because the history isn't there. We have a chance to be who we are without layers of past to skew our presentation of self.

Julie Jamison said...

Such an awesome post from your guest. I no longer seek approval from anyone. I focus my energy on doing what I love so that it comes from the heart.

The Missing Niche said...

I think we are all guilty of blowing things out of proportion in our minds! I try to "create my own reality" by thinking good thoughts!

Patranila Jefferson said...

Nope. I certainly don't crave approval.

Natalie S. said...

I don't care what others think, I surely don't live life to please others, take me as i am or keep on walking..

Whispered Inspirations said...

I definitely live life for me, great post!

Stephanie Pass said...

I think everyone seeks approval from others to an extent. Some of us are better at not needing it as others.


Great Article..!! Thought provoking, really helpful!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks for your continuous support Toni! :)

I think it is a basic human instict Boonie. As you say it is a tricky topic.

That is a healthy approach Julie.

We are quick to react, aren´t we?

Yay for you Patranilla. Awesome.

Were you always that way Natalie or have you slowly learnt how to do that?

Great perspective Whispered Inspirations.

Stephanie, I´m getting better. :)

Glad you found it entertaining Pratik


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