Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I made this #01

Remember when you were a kid & shared your creations with delight? I´ll share mine today. 

Each Monday Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios invites you to share what you’ve made over the week before. It can be anything – a flower arrangement, a crocheted cap, a painting, a poem, a party, an outfit, a cake! Write a post about it and share it here (click here to add your link) 

Last year Susana from Diseña tu vida made three matching jackets for the girls based on the Matryoshka vocaloids.
The girls being photographed at an animé convention
Using that one to create the newspaper sewing pattern I cut the pieces from black fabric for the arms and white fabric for the body and hoodie to create a panda bear jacket.
Daughter pinning fabric - October 2013
The assembly part was not as difficult as I had predicted during  the six months that I had the pieces on hold. Yes, six. I was slightly scared. Honestly ... terrified, I tell you. That was until I started putting them together. I just showed up and did the work. I discovered then that the body was too short. Mmmmmmm What to do?

I added a strip to the bottom of the jacket. Doubled for it to have a tidier look. I ironed it and measured it to fit the waist.

When I added the pockets I niticed that it would be both better looking and safest for the sewing to tag them inside the seams. Although I discovered that after sewing the sides. Never mind. Simple sewing that side and tagged the rest. ;)

I admit I already knew how to sew a zipper, from my cushion making phase some 18 years ago (Mati was a baby then) so that was not hard. I will also admit there was some design problem that made the hoodie uneven. It will look better next time. Because there IS going to be a next time. Now I know it can be done and in the words of Srinivas Rao from Unmistakable Creative "I didn´t die, went bankrupt or went to jail" which are his parameters for trying out things, then I know I will try some more patterns.

The finished panda jacket

What is waiting for you in the "To be finished" pile?  

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misteejay said...

Well done Paula, what a fun creation.

Toni xx

Sian said...

I think it looks great! I'm hopeless at putting in zips

GraceGal said...

Now that's creative. Oh do I ever have an unfinished pile plus a to do list of projects I want to get to!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you ladies! Once past the fear stage it was plain sailing. :)

Natalie S. said...

Love this! I've always wanted to do something like this for the kids, but I don't sew, I need to find some no-sew projects, haha. Otherwise, this is freakin awesome!

Suzy Turner said...

I think you're amazing for making things like this. I'm totally useless at creating anything other than stories (I'm an author). I'm so envious of anyone with your skills! I did make a handbag once but I wouldn't wear it outside the house lol!

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

This is awesome! I wish that I was this creative!!

Patranila Jefferson said...

Lovely! Wish I was crafty. Sadly, I'm not!

ronniel said...

Great post! I will be visiting some of your blog articles.

Boonie said...

I Love DIY! And the panda theme is a great idea. It made me think of possibly doing it for Halloween. I like how simple the creation is. Makes it easier for moms to try with their kiddos. Thank you for sharing :)

Whispered Inspirations said...

WOW, so cute. My daughter would love this. And how cool are their costumes. :)

Fabulous Perks said...

This is amazing, I love the panda theme idea. It's super cute and creative.

Fabulous Perks

Steven said...

I want a panda bear jacket, lol! That's seriously a cool looking jacket, though.

Emma T said...

This is great. Really clever as you can change it to be any type of animal. My son would love it( means I'd need to learn to use the sewing machine though!)

Ria C said...

That's very creative! One can actually use old shirts and recycle them. This is great for costume parties too.

Veronica Spriggs said...

aww how adorable. i'll bet that anime convention was lots of fun. love the long blue hair

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

That is so cute - I'd love to wear this one to my boyfriend, haha! - for the fun of it, hihi!

113tidbits said...

My 10 and 12 year old girls would love a project like this. Looking into this further to see if there are detailed instructions within post.

Johanna Both said...

Oh, so cute. I'm hopeless with sawing projects, but I have a best friend with 3 daughters, and she loves it. I'll send her your blog for inspiration!

Alyssa Collazo said...

This is AWESOME, it makes me wish I was a little more creative!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks Toni! It was fun to make it.

It is not that different from a hem Sian, you only put one more layer.

I have a pile of half made boxes to finish Paula.

Natalie, I don´t sew either. I Only copied the jacket I had. :)

Aweee. Thanks Suzy. My daughter was worried about her cutting skills but there is no other way for her to get better than cutting a lot. :D

You are more creative than you think you are Couponing in Central Florida.

Patranila, you may try a small project and just have with it. :)

Thanks Ronniel. Hope you enjoy some more.

Boonie, the panda was my girl´s request. Her wish is my command. ;)

Whispered inspirations, that is my favourite picture of the day, encompassing teh whole scene, inclding the official photographer.

Thanks Fabulous Perks! It was fun making it.

Lol, Steven. You can make one. ;)

Emma, cool idea to take the same pattern for other animals, just changing colours would be enough!

Ria, now men shirts are in fashion for teen girls I could be prettyfying some. ;)

Veronica, I enjoy the conventions as much as the girls do!

Go for it Aisha! ;)

I made this one without instructions. If you have any questions, just drop me a line 113tidbits!

Thanks Johanna. Looking forward to her visit.

Alyssa, I´ve seen your site and you are! :)


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