Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Influencer Award

I´ve always been a cheerleader for my friends both locally and on line. This year I upped my game taking my enthusiasm for coolness, fun and kindness to the next level on line. In the first few months of 2014 I was e-ve-ry-where. And then, a mail with these came: 
International Bloggers AssociationInternational Bloggers Association
Can you say "dancing around the house with my arms up high"? Because that is what I did after reading why I had been bestowed this award. ;)

Award recipients are known for doing the following:
  • Consistently following link-up rules
  • Sharing other bloggers’ content
  • Mentioning others by tagging them in appropriate posts
  • Leaving thoughtful comments on blogs and social media posts
  • Responding to comments/mentions in a timely manner
  • Engaging consistently, generously and politely on social networks
Confession time for Paula: it took me a veeeeeery long while to stop being upset with those not following rules. Not only speaking about linkies but generally, in life. Had quite a bit of a breakdown back in 2005 and spent two weeks sitting, staring at a mountain in the Patagonia. I built myself up again from there. Now I can follow the rules, knowing things work better that way and understanding that not everyone rolls like I do. Peace.

Back to the  International Bloggers Association What are IBA Certified Blogs?
Blogs certified by the IBA are held to a high standard for quality content and must:
  • Update blogs consistently
  • Be mostly original content (not just sponsored reviews and giveaways)
  • Be family friendly (not pornographic or containing excessive foul language)
  • Be pleasant to look at (not sloppily designed)
  • Contain proper spelling and grammar (occasional typos are fine)
  • Provide useful information to readers (IBA blogs are not personal diaries)
Honoured and happy that "Happysnappy, a storyteller with a camera" was selected to be part of this. I´m learning so much to make the most of my cyberhome to bring you practical tutorials on organizing, inspiring interviews on creativity, cool tips for on line communication and sharing my corner of the world through photographies.
Let´s keep  in touch! Follow me on my Facebook page here and get on my Twitter for daily inspiration. Big projects are coming on the second half of the year. I´m even planning the first of 2015.

And now as part of last Monday´s blog hop let me introduce to you people whose blogs I have started reading recently and that have interested me particularly.

Giada C from Crafty Tasty Geeky I just love the weekly finds posts, both the geeky and the crafty. I like her inquiring nature and her sense of style. And of course the crafty, tasty, geeky combination is irresistible

Natalie from Natalie Patalie because of all the reading suggestions (I´m a librarian) and all the daily pictures (I did that for four years and I toned it down for this round) of her interesting adventures.

I will be bringing you more cool people to meet on a weekly basis!

Do you participate in blog hops and social media exchanges? Have you ever hosted a linky party? Tell me in the comments. :)

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misteejay said...

Congratulations Paula - very well deserved.

I do occasionally take part in Blog Hops but not if the list of sites to visit is too long. I don't "Hop" very often as I still find that too many participants don't turn off the 'word verification' and I find this very frustrating. I recently took part in a fairly small "Hop" (the first I've done in ages) and I was lucky to be a winner of one of the gifts they had on offer - which arrived today.

Toni xx

Delia Rusu said...

Congrats Paula, I'm super happy for you darling!

bxcrochet said...

Wow that is amazing! Congratulations on all your hard work.

Michelle F.

Paula Parker said...

Wow! That is awesome. I am fairly new to blogging. I don't think I have been in a blog hop. I have participated in link parties(a couple). I am not sure if that is the same. Much further success to you!

Becka M said...

Congrats! :) That is amazing and you deserve it! :)

Samantha Angell said...

Congratulations! I have participated in a ton of link parties, etc. Also frustrated when others don't follow the rules. Taking a short break from it this summer to more fully enjoy my summer!

Janelle Shank said...

congrats to you! that sounds awesome. it is hard to let go of those people who don't follow rules.

Amber Harrop said...

Paula I am not surprised you got these awards you are amazing at helping other bloggers and a great influence on how to behave on-line and a all around lovely lady too :)

mmw2008 said...

I actually don't quite understand all those parties and hops.
I am like you, commit to something and do it exactly by the book.
Thanks for the suggestions and lovely post.

Amy Kelsch said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing this honor with us!!!

Franc Ramon said...

The IBA is a nice way to add credence to great sites. It's nice of you to introduce blogs you've been reading.

Ralff Dizon said...

Congrats on all of your Hard work. Thanks for sharing this.

Chasity said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

C. Hawkins said...

Congrats what an awesome achievement :) I love link parties I have a page dedicated to them on my blog!

Mary Ann said...

What a fantastic and well deserved achievement! Congratulations!!

Danielle said...

Congrats. I know that when I first started blogging I did tons of link ups now I don't do to many blog hops like the conventional link ups but I love the facebook group type ones so much better.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

How cool Toni! Enjoy your prize! What did you get?

Thanks Delia, you´ve been a wonderful supporter along the way.

Thanks Michelle. *still dancing*

Your wish is my commend Paula. Inviting you to the next. :)

Thanks Becka!

I hear you on the "not following rules" Samantha. That being said, some linky parties are getting toooooooo long as Toni said.

Janelle it is a daily process. SOme days I make it, some days I don´t and I sulk in a corner. ;)

Aweee Amber! Thanks you. You are so sweet. *happy*

Good to meet another textbook follower mmw2008. :)

Amy, it was a bit of "shouting from the rooftops", wasn´t it? * blush *

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´m an enthusiast for coolness Robert. :D

Thank you Ralf for visiting and commenting.

Thanks CHasity! It was a happy event.

I´ve been considering putting them in their own page too C. How is it working for you?

Thanks Mary Ann! Sharing the joy around.

I hear you Danielle. Being social takes up a lot of time. :D

Kung Phoo said...

Congrats!! It is great to get this honor!

Ann B said...

Very cool award. Thank you for sharing. You must be very happy and proud.

JaimeLovesStuff said...

Congratulations on the award! Very exciting.

I honestly don't do many hops- too many rules, the stupid word verification and I rarely get any traffic from them compared to how time-sucking they are.

Tonya Lewis said...

Congratulations on your award! My time won't allow me to participate in too many Hops.

samantha amberstone said...

congrats for never giving up, we all loose yourself only to put ourselves back together to create someone 1000x better

Cococute Manaloto said...

Wow ! Congratulations to you and you deserve it for your compassion and hard work.

Leira Pagaspas said...

Congratulations for all the hard work that you do.. You deserve the award!

Liz Mays said...

Congrats on the honor! You worked hard for that!

Rebecca Swenor said...

Congrats on all your hard work. I don't have a blog but enjoy reading most of them.

Fabulous Perks said...

Congratulations! It's nice getting recognized for your hard work.

Michelle Knopp said...

Congratulations! I love following your blog. You deserve the recognition. I love participating in blog hops and linkups, but I agree, it is super frustrating at times because not everyone plays fair.

Joanna Sormunen said...

Congratulations Paula! You really deserve the recognition. Both as a person and as a blogger. And your story about your breakdown is very similar to what happened to me. It's hard to accept that people just don't want to be nice but it's better to let go and try to do the right thing yourself.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks Robert! :)

I¨m happy indeed Ann. Thanks.

They do take up a lot of time Jaime but they also bring lots of lasting friendships.

Time is a commodity nowadays, isn´t it Tonya?

Thank you Smamantha! taking time to regroup is essential.

Thanks Cococute. It´s in my nature. :)

Thanks Leira!

Thanks Liz. It´s fun too. ;)

I enjoy reading blogs too Rebecca. That´s how this one started, to share with other bloggers.

That is exactly it, Fab. Getting teh mail was thrilling.

I totally agree with you Michelle. It zaps the energy and fun out of the party when too many are oblivious to the rules.

Thanks Joanna. Getting to that point took time and still some days it makes me slightly grumpy. ;) Lol!

Marielle Altenor said...

Linky parties are great way to connect with a wide range of readers and gain some new followers! I should really think of hosting one soon!


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