Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Things you can do to start controlling clutter

  • Get rid of the big things first, like the bike you´ve never used and the boxes of stuff you no longer have in the house (#truestory)
  • Boxes
  • Return all the borrowed things like books, cds, videos and tools. Let them return to their own place.
Videos* Pick up everything from the floor and put it in a basket or bag until you can handle it.
Pick up the magazines, catalogs and newspapers around the house. Find a place for those you want to keep. Recycle the rest.
Magazines* Get 10 clothes from your closet that you haven´t worn in 2 years. Donate them or throw them away.
 * Clean the windows. Let the light in. In more ways than one.
 * Empty all the trash cans. That represents getting rid of all the things you don´t want in your life.
 * Find all the unmatched socks. Get rid of them. Too soon? Want to keep them? Ok, use the as cleaning rugs.
 * Clear your desk. Check your mail, get rid of spam.
  • Get rid of pens and markers that don´t work anymore.
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