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Cristina Svihalek has creative hands

Cristina Svihalek
Cristina has magic, creative hands. She puts together the most beautiful candles with dried flowers and ribbons. She also paints and decoupages. She´s always busy! Her studio is to drool for in this season, so I asked her about it and her working habits.

a) The day you stepped into your current creative space for the first time, did you already know how you wanted your studio to look like or did the design evolve from the actual space?
My crafting started when my husband and a friend asked me to decorate some liquor bottles, adding a “little extra something”. I sold more than they did and I then needed more space to create and not only the diningroom table!
Plus my bookcase was filled up with flowers, odds and ends instead of doing the job it was supposed to do.
I had the idea to make the room bigger and created a wall to wall wardrobe to keep aaaaaaalllllll of my crating stuff. I bought a table and small file where I have my computer and all the tools I need to make my pieces of art. As you can see the dream came to life on its own.
Christmas branch
2)After the work is done, do you clean up after each piece, after each day or whenever you can´t find the table anymore?
Usually I tidy up whenever I finish working. Even if I´ll be at it  a couple of hours later. I just can´t work if I have all my stuff lying around my studio. There are always exceptions. When the day for a fair or crafting show draws near this space transforms: the pool table is no longer a game zone but a place to keep all the pieces that are almost finished and are wating for their last touches.
Flowers tableau
3) Which is your best time of the day to create? Do you have music on or do you prefer to work in silence?
I love working in the morning or early afternoon when I can enjoy daylight and appreciate the colour combos better The artificial light at night may change the perception of the colours Also the doors of my studio open to the garden and if it is not cold it is lovely to work with the windows open and feel Nature close to me.
I need MUSIC! Specially when I´m alone. When the teens are around, things change a bit.  Music on the radio or favourite CDs, both at a high volume.
Pink candle with dried flowers
4) What´s your next project?
On Saturday November 8th I´ll be at the stand 22 of a traditional Christmas fair (Av. Sta. Fe 839 Acassusso from 11am)
I like the idea of a Christmas workshop for teens. I also want a stonger presence on Facebook. And my most ambitious project: a solo exhibition of my pictures.
Christmas wreaths
5)Where can I find you on line??
Facebook: Cristina Svihalek, Manos Creativas:
Paula´s layour for Art Every Day Month. November 5th:

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  • November 6, 2014 at 11:50 pm
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    Beautiful, and I imagine she will be amazingly busy soon!
  • November 7, 2014 at 2:31 am
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    This artist works a lot like I work. I can’t stand messes, and apparently, neither can she. I love her wreaths. It’s been so long since I arranged flowers, I had forgotten how much fun I had when I did. Thanks for sharing Cristina’s art and story with us. You have truly found some interesting artists.

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