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Suzanne Sapsed will have you at “handmade shoes”

Suzanne SapsedDo you like shoes? I thought so. 😉 Suzanne makes the most dreamy handmade shoes that you could possibly imagine. Full of sparkle, elegance and fun. If you are planning a wedding or any other big event that needs to-die-for shoes, Suzanne is the person to call. Can you picture yourself working among bright sequins and subtle flowers? I asked Suzanne what it was like and here´s what she said:

1) The day you stepped into your current creative space for the first time, did you already know how you wanted your studio to look like or did the design evolve from the actual space?
My space is close to how I want it. I decorated the units and table myself and filled the room with angels as I wanted a relaxing environment to work in. It will need to evolve as I am purchasing more supplies and getting more orders in. It’s getting hard to keep the calming environment I like to work in.
SParkling white shoes with dazzling red heels
2) After the work is done, do you clean up after each piece, after each day or whenever you can´t find the table anymore?
Usually I clean up after each session unless it’s manic. At the moment I’m in the middle of finishing 14 pairs of shoes and just haven’t the time to tidy! But some more storage units are top of the list to try and at least make sure I can find a space on my table big enough to work on!
blue shoes with pink flowers
3) Which is your best time of the day to create? Do you have music on or do you prefer to work in silence?
Timewise – um, no set time. I like to get the family out of the house to work and school then go to the gym. After that I may feel like creating at 10am or 10pm so I just go with the flow  I do like music and that can be any genre, I have quite an eclectic taste from Led Zeppelin to meditation music, depends what mood I’m in.
pink shoes with red trim
4) Which is your next project?
My next project is quite exciting. I am creating 16 samples of footwear  – 8 for a bridal shop, so lace, pearls, glitter, flowers, bling. And the other 8 is for a seamstress who has her own shop and she creates items for gothic, fairy-fae, steampunk, hippy, tribal and a whole range of alternative style clothing so it’s making me think outside the box- totally exciting!
I love what I am doing, and it’s the best feeling when I have a happy client, or compliments about the quality of my work. I feel very lucky to have found something that I love to do, and that we can take a gamble on me building up a successful business – even if the amount of glitter that spreads around the house might lead to a divorce!
red shoes with sparkling white heels5) Where can we find you on line?

Paula´s scrapbook layout for Art Every Day Month in November #06
First day of school

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  • November 7, 2014 at 1:48 pm
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    I found this blog through G+, & am excited about the content. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on so many things.
  • November 8, 2014 at 1:04 am
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    I’m probably one of those weird gals who doesn’t have a whole lot of shoes. I used to love shoes, but now my feet are “funny,” so I wear one style of tennis shoe and I only have two pair. But, having said that, I absolutely adore what I’m seeing. Who doesn’t appreciate beautiful shoes? They are very lovely, and Suzanne adds just enough bling to make them very interesting. Thanks for finding yet another unique individual.

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