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Grace Alfisz creates soft toys with a cotton soul

Grace AlfiszHello! My name is Grace Alfisz and I am the passionate soul behind Mr. Mote. I love animals, nature, design and life in general. And of course I love the wonderful and loving link that is generated through play and that is why Mr. Mote has been my dream.
I´m a professional designer and I´ve wanted to make toys since I can remember.
Mr. Mote is also about the values of small scale and eye to detail. They are fun ideas that came alive and the end goal is to show love and 100% home warmth.
1) The day you stepped into your current creative space for the first time, did you already know how you wanted your studio to look like or did the design evolve from the actual space?
My work at Mr. Mote is part from my home office and part around the city looking for suppliers and working with clients.
At home we had a space called “our future studio office” so it was totally natural to transform it into my workshop and office. We bought a desk and a bookcase with Mr. Mote in mind.
When I added a sewing machine we recycled an old table that belonged to my boyfriend´s grandma so we introduced a lovely vintage style detail. Each day we keep adding beautiful objects and projects. For example I´m making a board out of wine corks.
el castor

2) After the work is done, do you clean up after each piece, after each day or whenever you can´t find the table anymore?
Order has always been a complex subject for me. Ask my mother! My home is fine but the office is a jungle. I organized when the chaos bothers me or when I don´t find something in particular as it is a waste of work time. It never lasts long though.
As I design each character with unique fabrics I´m constantly mixing and matching them to see which go together best for the soft toys. It is nearly impossible to keep my creative mind in order! Hahahaha Well, that is what I tell everyone and I stand by it. 😉
Robert the bunny
3) Which is your best time of the day to create? Do you have music on or do you prefer to work in silence?
I work long hours every day as most full time entrepreneurs do.
In the morning I check our e-mail and the social networks. Then, according to the day´s priorities I either embroider to take advantage of the good natural light or I write copy because a fresh head is fundamental for that too.
Early afternoons are for work with suppliers and planning new projects. Of course I take care of our customers too!
When the sun goes down it is sewing time or pending office matters. Before clsoing for the day I chek what was left undone and I plan the following day.
Of course in the middle of so much planning the unexpected occurs and can change the course of the day. Flexibility is a must.
Music, music, music! I work with music. The genre depends on the mood but the soundtrack is basic to this playful planet full of love.
The whale
4) Which is your next project?
In November we are launching a “Soft Toy” that is a tribute to my father. A new line is coming out in December. I can´t tell you any more right now, except that it will be aligned with my love  and this constant quest to share with young and old this huge love I feel for the planet and Nature.
Alonso the bear
5)  Where can we find you on line?
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