Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sarah Keerie shows you how to play with paper crafts

Sarah KeerieIf you are interested in paper crafts you will LOVE Sarah Keerie´s tutorials. Clear step by step to create amazing pieces that will look awesome. Elegant pieces, fun pieces, all styles are covered, always with grace and an eye for detail.
  1. Today she tells us about her creative space.
  2. 1) The day you stepped into your current creative space for the first time, did you already know how you wanted your studio to look like or did the design evolve from the actual space?
My space has evolved over the years, from the tray on the lap through to the dining room table and then a trip to Ikea and yay, my own space.  It seems to continuously evolve.   I dream of my own area, but then where I am right now I am still in the ‘hub’ of the house and not in a room on my own.  Perhaps, when the house is empty of children it may change, but right now, it is just fine.
Christmas box
2) After the work is done, do you clean up after each piece, after each day or whenever you can´t find the table anymore?
I am messy when I have my crafting things out, but seeing I have a limited amount of space (my area covers crafting and doing my Open University degree and legal studies) I am ‘obliged’ to put away things as I do them.  Saying that though, I  can get to my tool tote if the urge takes me to craft and my other supplies are nearby and so I am pretty good at creating a ‘mini mess’ and there is often an item that is put aside while the ‘glue dries’ or I need a mojo burst.
scrapbook layout
3) Which is your best time of the day to create? Do you have music on or do you prefer to work in silence?
The best time for me to craft, this is when the mojo bites me.  Generally, it will be an evening as I am not a television person.  I may have the music blaring out when there is no-one else in the room – that way I can sing and craft.  I can also craft in silence, although I may find myself giving myself options of where to stick things down!
4) Which is your next project?
My next project.  This is ongoing and an attempt to get into scrapbooks all my old photos that are sitting in boxes.  I am enjoying not only the usual 12×12 layouts but also getting into the swing of Project Life, which is handy for getting the photos into albums quickly.
mini book5) Where can we find you on line?

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