Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The best length for a blog post

The best length for a blog post gets discussed a lot and it seems like the general consensus nowadays is that longer posts are the way to go. Are they really? It turns out you need to know you audience and cater for them. See these groups:
Those writers who are for the epic length post recommend writing over 2000 words with detailed step by step explanations and instructions, including all the info your reader wants to know about the subject and some that they didn´t even know they needed. Those posts are for people looking for in depth information, who yearns for knowledge. One example of this type is the series of 26 Tips on many social media related subjects by Debbie Hemley.

On the other hand some mega famous bloggers write less than 300 words per post. They write for an audience that is looking for instant Fastgratification and quick fixes. They believe you have just 7 seconds to grab someone´s attention and you have to make them count. Reader´s attention spam is getting shorter and shorter.
And then there are the infographic posts, chock full of valuable data, easy to read, easy to share. Clear and to the point.

It all boils down to quality. Here are some tips for writing THE epic post:
* Include key information at the beginning. Tell the website visitor who is looking for instant clarification they are in the right place.
* Spend time working on the blog post, even if it is super short.
* Craft the title. Write several before actually choosing one.
* The post feels too long? Turn the blog post into a series.
* Add bells and whistles: pictures, bullet lists, quotes, videos, infographics (which can be posts on their own if you are going for focused posts)

More? According to Social Triggers this is everything your blog post needs to have:
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Me? I am the “Say what you need to say and then stop” kind. 😀
Brittany Bullen from
In my opinion a post should only be as long as it needs to be to get the message across. There’s no need to add length for length’s sake. Brittany Bullen
Shana Sutton from Technotini
I think a lot also has to do with how you format your post. You want to make it very easy to read so people can pick out key information and be excited to keep scrolling.

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