Sunday, January 04, 2015

December 2014 in review

For December 2014´s update and goals check in I´m doing {My month in numbers}. It is a project taking place at Julie Kirk´s blog  where you sum up your month with numbers. Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it. This is my 33th consecutive participation.
I´m keeping 217 photos for the month. 208 were taken by my cameras (I used 2 this month) and 9 by others. Here are my favourites from each day. Click on the mosaic to see it bigger.
mosaico 1412

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“On line” goals:

In December my Paula – Buenos Aires Facebook page grew by 110 followers. I had already reached my  1000 followers for 2014´s goal in October. My Twitter account for which I didn´t set goals is growing too. 571 persons are following @PBAtweets. And 1792 persons added me to their Google Plus circles this year.
I am officially a hostess to three linky parties:
+ 4 #ilovesocialsaturday Come every Saturday to add all your social media profiles
+ 4 Ultimate Facebook parties for every Tuesday
+ 4 G+ parties Come every Friday to add your Google Plus profile.

My “hobbies” goals for this year include:

60 layouts (17 so far), 12 fiction books ( 1 in December, 6 total), 6 non fiction ( 0 for December, 3 in total ) and 6 rereadings (just 1!).

My “go out” goals for 2014:
From the 6 new places to eat: 0 this month, that is 3 total, 1 craft fairs in December ( 9 total),0 animé exhibitions ( 5 out of total Yay! ) and  from the 3 new Museums the count is at 1 new museum, 2 art exhibits and now 2 revisits.

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