Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MeMe Challenge #3

I´m joining Ching´s MeMe challenges. :)

This week's MeMe Challenge is: We were all little girls at some point right? Tell us about the one most special childhood memory you have that still brings a smile to your face.

Playing with my dolls! I was so INTO the stories. :D

My parents had a really big bed (or so it seemed to me then). Mom would be the driver of the bus and I´d get all my dollies "sitting pretty" and we´d go on a trip. Somewhere cool. And then we´d all get down (to the floor) and have a picnic there.

Another game was the hairdresser. Mom was my client. She´d sit in a yellow plastic chair (we´re talking seventies here) and I´d play with her hair. Then it was my dollies turn. Some weird hair dos, my dollies had.


Ching said...

that is sooo sweet paula. I love your pictures you share with us too. I'm loving your little dress there. Did you attend Catholic school? Your skirt looks very muchlike what we would wear in Catholic schools here in the US.

Paula said...

No, just an ordinary little girls skirt mid seventies. This pic was taken in Peru, while we were on holidays. July 1975.

Shell said...

Cool story Paula!!!

Paula said...

thakns Shell! Good to see you here. :)


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