Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dance as if nobody is watching

According to my blog´s statistics no one has visited me in the past few days. Disappointing as that might be, it also means I can write some juicer tidbits without worrying. :D

Don´t get me wrong, I am basically nice. But sometimes I don´t say e-ve-ry-thing I think because that is what is expected of me. A nice, quiet, calm, bringing peace and light into your life girl. And if some day I am feeling particularly, will I say it? Well, yes, if I am feeling bitchy I just don´t say it out loud. I wonder how would people react to my not being 100% nice all the time?

Is anybody else reading this? Do you dare leaving a comment to that? How would you feel getting face to face to a "mostly nice but sometimes gets pissed off Paula"?


Susan Wright said...

I'll take that dare. I enjoy reading your blog and have gotten some great ideas from you. I know you will be disappointed that it is me and not someone new posting. Not that you mind me reading your blog but that you were hoping someone new would leave a comment.

Paula said...

You scared the daylights out of me! Roflol! I thought I was alone in here (or out there, depending on how you see cyber space)

As a matter of fact, I am happier it is someone I know. I almost cried when Jo from UKScrappers put a link to my blog in hers. Someone had noticed me and thought I was interesting enough. :D

I guess this post was a spin off of the friendships thread at D´s site. Who is keeping up with me? I read 6 UK blogs daily and 5 AMerican ones on Thursdays and Saturdays. I don´t post to all of them and just started posting at 2 of them this week.

KimmyS said...

Well, I say go for it. Personally I find it very therapeutic when I can rant like no ones business in my blog.

I have to start reading your blog more often again...dunno why I forgot.

Jo said...

Paula, not been near the computer properly for days but you know I'll always come in here to read what you've been up to!

If you want to be a "not so nice Paula" and have a rant then GO FOR IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honey dods not bother me one little bit if you let off steam and show the non positive smiley side!! Go for it, sometimes we all need that kind of release.


Marja said...

I think you'd only be human if you let out the good and the bad. No one is nice all the time and if they truly believe they are, then they are in denial. :)


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