Thursday, October 27, 2005

From Marie Cox´s blog

I asked her for permission to copy her entry here and she e-mailed me that I could, so here it is.

HUSH-HUSH-Stop that fuss-Everybody move to the back of the bus

Rosa Parks passed away this morning.She was 92. She was a civil rights era icon. She inspired the movement when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama, in December 1955. Her arrest triggered a boycott of the bus system by blacks that was organized by a 26-year-old Baptist minister, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Our world was a better place with her in it.

I sat my kids down this morning to tell them about her passing and was disappointed in myself that Zavia didn't even know who she was. So I sat and told her legacy to her.I talked about how one person can change a nation, I told her that she was a warrior and to be proud to call her a sister. Zavia said "Mama it's bad to go to jail" and I told her "Not if it's for something you believe in". I explained how important she was to the movement and how she owes a lot of the rights we (black people) have today to her. It is a sad day.I also told her to make sure her teacher talks to the other kids about her...she should be remembered and not because she died, but because of what she did while living. Talk to your children today.If you don't know much about her...get a book.Her story is for white children, Hispanic children, black children and any color in between. There are still injustices that go on today...maybe your child will be the next Rosa Parks.

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