Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unfullfilled promises to myself

Every Sunday I promise myself I´ll be out in the sun more. That I´ll take my book and read in the garden. Maybe even just sit in the garden doing nothing.
And every week I don´t.

Every some number of days I promise myself I will not look for validation from others in my sb stuff (that is the only "visible" thing I´ve got to show). Even that I will stop scrapping at all.
And I still count the number of comments on my LOs.

Every now and then I promise myself I won´t be running around helping people out, specially after December´s breakdown.
And still when anybody is in need, I give a hand.

Every December 26th I promise myself next Christmas will be nicer, with more craft made things, cards, games, ornaments, peace.
Every December 23rd I am doing my headless chicken routine. Maybe I should really listen to Mrs. Claus. Maybe I should do, instead of just read and nod. ;)

After the 101 things about me LO, I promised myself a whole book with one layout per "thing".
Haven´t started yet. *Sigh*

We are all on this boat, aren´t we?

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