Thursday, November 27, 2008

AEDM Day 27 / SC Day26

AEDM: I could ... but I chose not to.
The temperature thingie ( too lazy to go downstairs to check the spelling, you know what I´m talking about ;) ) says 41º in the craft room.

SC Day 26:
affirmation for today: I am at home wherever I am

My home was a love at first sight. I saw it from the opposite side of the street and fell in love.
"I ... want ... that ... house! Even if we have to eat rice every day for years" I don´t usually ask for stuff but when I do ...
We redecorated / changed the wires, plumbing, stairs, fireplace, the lot. Only the walls stayed in most rooms.
We made it ours.

People feel comfortable here. Our parties are the longest and with the best attendance rates. :D

Today was my last day home alone. A few hours home for me.
Of course there are the painters with their demands but I can handle that.
Then dh phoned at quarter to one to ask if I had lunch plans. Errrrmmmmm (I was thinking of yoghurt for lunch)....... nooooooo... just tell me what you´d like.
At 2.30pm our son arrived early from school with two friends. "We were back early and as we were so close to home ... "
Andrea phoned about a birthday present.
Gladys phones about a lift for said party.

There goes my free time. But you know what? That was completely fine. :) I am home.


Fatma said...

I rejoice for you that you are in love with you home. May it bring you many blessings and even more joy!

Genie Sea said...

Spectacular! I think I would be one of those people staying later to your parties. Not just because of your home, because of you! :)

gemma said...

Sometimes I lack "me time" because of the demands of family. What a good attitude you have enjoying the fact that you are home.

Allison said...

In a home, all time is 'free' ;]

Sandra said...

What a blessing to find something you love so much. Enjoy.

Dia said...

I'm in love with your home from the photos you've posted!!
Mine was like that - I loved it, but it was a bit 'too much $' for size (950 sq feet on 'normal' (for here in town) lot - 50x100' . . . ) then my daughter noticed when it had gone down in $$ & I was already in process with another house - so I switched gears & bought it!! Love it, too ;)

Tori said...

The way you wrote about it, I can tell your home is full of love and joy. I'm glad it's perfect. =)

ELLIE said...

now that is wonderful to truly make a house you wanted so bad a true home almost from the ground up - what a great thing!!


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