Friday, November 13, 2009

AEDM 2009: DAY 13 + The joy diet week 9

My art for the day is part of UKScrappers cyber crop. As the theme is The Wizard of Oz I will post my layouts with the Ruby slippers. :D Class 1 by Rachel (Aka taniwha).
I liked the ruffled fabric technique and I continued it with paper for my Art Journal.

The Joy diet, chapter # 8: LAUGHTER

Friday: I was not happy to see the ingredient. Just as I can´t cry on command (I could never be an actress or a stroppy looking model), I can´t laugh on command.

Saturday & Sunday: family days. A lot of smiles, a giggle here and there.

Monday: errrmmmm, nothing much.

Tuesday: we had the funniest conversation at our dinner table. We had been trying to define fruits and vegetables. As in why is this a vegetable if it isn´t green? (translator note: vegetables in Spanish is "verdura", which ties in with the word for green colour which is "verde")
Ds said that vegetables grew in/on the ground and fruit on trees. Then a watermelon would be a vegetable, not a fruit! Mad laughter. My hubbie tried to be helpful and added that fruit had seeds that would be the origin of the next fruit. By now tears of laughter were running down my cheeks, "a pumpkin is a fruit, we can have it for dessert!" (p.s: I remembered there is a dessert with pumpkin which added to the laugh factor)
I admit it sounded better than it reads. :D

Wednesday: I have already told you I was awefully tired, not in the mood for laughing.

Thursday: as The Joy diet´s tribe post time approaches I pay more attention. "Nothing" has gone out of the window, truth stays firm, I have lost sight of my longer term goals/desires as I rush the every day stuff, the creativity is up to speed with AEDM and grocery shopping, no risks except showing up every day (which is a great deal in itself), almost no play and the laughter needs to be brought up.

Friday: I was having a look around my blog to see what I was creating last November for AEDM (e.g: an year ago I was making my birthday book and it was lovely to see comments by ladies I consider dear friends now) and read some of the posts. I could see myself as others might see me and hey! I´m quite funny. *grin* :D

This is the only chapter I have not read twice. That says something about it.


Ginny said...

What can be better than laughing at the dinner table with your family? Your story made me smile just picturing all of you having so much fun together.

WrightStuff said...

Did you know that if you google 'is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?' you get over 3.5 million results? Now that's funny!

cathyB said...

Hi - love your post today on the joy diet - hard to have a big hard belly laugh every day but I still think those kinds of laughs that you had at the dinner table are the best - laughing with the family. Great post - thnaks for sharing

Helen said...

Indeed, the prospect of laughing on command is no fun at all. But being together with the people who naturally magnetize laughter together is, I think, the best and most satisfying way to "make" laughter happen. May your weekend bring more of it!

Lawendula said...

What makes me always laugh about the Spanish language is that chica, chiquita, chiquitita thing. I just love it! It's cute and funny!

Yours, LaWendulitita

Fatma said...

I love it that we can lighten up this week. Your posts always make me smile! You are one funny lady!

becky n said...

La Wendulitita made me laugh out loud. And your description of the family discussion did also - we get into those things where they start to sound hysterical so that pretty soon we're just laughing at ourselves more than the topic.

No, I can't laugh or cry on command, but I can find things that will make me laugh or cry.

And I didn't count my laughs - didn't know how to count the ones that went on for 5 solid minutes. As opposed to those that made me snort or chuckle, but were brief. I didn't read the chapter carefully - it's a subject I'm pretty familiar with and scanning Martha's pages didn't offer much new. I love hearing what others found in their week, though. It's great to be in the group.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Sounds like you had good laughs at dinner.

Try this one.

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Hey Paula! Thanks for the AEDM visit over at Mother Henna -- and for your great posts about Joy Diet. I love seeing this entry walk-through your week. I have a weird revolt about laughing on command, too. Tried going to a laugh class once -- felt so sad after! :) Go figure.

Anyway, wanted to say I'm loving the chance to see what you are creating for AEDM, and am especially taken with the hand piece! Lovely!

And hm, veggie vs fruit. Isn't all about the seeds? Inside or out. No, wait, strawberries... and tomato. Never though about how confusing it is! :)


after iris said...

I really like that ruffle fabric technique, it looks great

Jean said...

I don't think you are the only one who didn't find NEW info in the chapter, but if it added a laugh or two to the week, I will take it.

I'm glad you had some good family laughs at the dinner table - I remember that being one of the best times of day for me as a child - laughing with my family during dinner.

lilasvb said...

i enjoy your page


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