Friday, November 27, 2009

The Joy diet: week 11

Chapter # 10 Feasting is here! Isn´t feasting a bit like Treats on steroids? *giggle*

We had a good experience with Christmas smells this week.

Today we have another reason to celebrate.

First, a quick summary on the education system here.

Classes go from beginning March to mid December for primary school and beginning of December for secondary school.

They are divided in three terms. Kids need to have an average grade of 7 or above PLUS a 7 or above on the last term (that is to avoid kids getting a 10 in the first two and then float around in the third as they only need a 1)

If a child fails one term, they need to go to school for two more weeks to study whatever they need to reinforce, if they fail that or have failed more than one term they have to sit for an exam in February that covers the whole academic year.

Mati (13 years oild which explain a lot
) had been on the verge of having to go two more weeks for Maths and Physics. I must admit that the subjects are hard plus they are in German (they go to a bilingual school) but nothing a good few hours of sitting and studying wouldn´t fix.

All this to say ... Mati passed everything!!! Yay! Proud mom alert: not many can do that "free till March" dance.

Jamie asked about our Joy levels, has there been a change? I had a bit of a look around the 10 weeks of posts. I´m so glad I have this record of our family life! It reminds me I have reasons to smile. And re-reading the comments made me smile even wider. Thanks for your connection, your support, your advice and well wishes.

Some weeks the chapter got me all stressed up and then the solution hit me. After that I could incorporate it to my diet. I´m not saying it was plain sailing or that I used every ingredient every week but it took me forward on certain ocassions like: I can´t believe now how afraid I was to make Tati´s flower crown. A risk that was totally worth it.

In between The Joy Diet, Wednesday Wishcasting and Art Every Day I have learnt one very important lesson. SHOWING UP IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

I showed up EVERY week, even when I was stuck or throwing my toys out of the crib. :D


GraceGal said...

Showing Up! I have learned that in several areas of my life. Thanks for the reminder.

Ginny said...

Showing Up. A great reminder for me as well. There were weeks that were hard for me but I did the best I could and stuck with the book. For me, at this time, this was the right thing to do. I really enjoyed the last chapter which made the whole journey come together for me. Congratulations to your daughter!!

Lawendula said...

Hi Paula, I wish you a wonderful time and hope we stay in touch, xo LaWendula

Genie Sea said...

Here's to showing up, and doing so with a smile on your face! You rock, Paula! :)

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Just wrote about something similar today, Paula. Ended up thinking that, yes, showing up and doing heart is the first step -- the most important -- show up! I love that Jamie's prompt about where the most joy is... I need that divining rod, too! Find out where the joy is and then go that way! :)

Jean said...

Just what I needed to hear today - SHOW UP. Sometimes that is all I can do, but it is definitely the first, most important step.

Love the photos!


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