Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 2: Half way there

Welcome home.
This is where I´m working today, preparing this post to be published after midnight for our Artist´s Way project 2011.

How are your morning pages doing?
Mine are daily but not morning. There´s always something to do first. There´s even something to do before that.
I´ve been paying attention to the way I roll. I say "I have to do X". Then I do one thing before that. I even do something before the thing I decided to do before the first one. My thoughts go something like this: "I will write my morning pages now. Oh, it looks so pretty! I´ll show the girls. I need my camera to take a picture of the place I´m working in." So I go inside, I go where the camera is but ... I take a brush and finish the last bit of a piece that has been almost ready for over three weeks. WHYYYYYYYY now? I just couldn´t take another step if that piece wasn´t finished and out of my mind. I take the pic. I upload the pic. I also resize all the pics ... for next Friday. Yes, that´s right. NEXT FRIDAY. And it is Saturday. I still have six days but ... My morning pages you ask? Still undone. And it´s not even morning any more. *sigh*

Have you gone on an artist´s date this week?

I can say I have as I was at the Independence House on Monday. It feels like weeks ago! Matias made this video for me with Tati´s camera and then edited it. How cool is he? Very. :D

Any tasks done?

I´m going to read the chapter again, underline it and work on them. I have been resisting them so much I can´t even remember what they were about!


Lynn Stevens said...

Well Paula at least your getting something done. I'll be watching for your post on Friday.
Me, I feel like a slug these days. LOL
hugs Lynn

misteejay said...

Lovely place to sit and work.

Okay so you get distracted but at least you get things done - I seem to get far too distracted and end up forgetting what I was intending to do and whilst I figure that out...nothing gets done LOL

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Toni xx

ileana said...

What a relaxing view. I think I could do my morning pages there, and even have a relaxing artist's date there as well. :)

Like you, I've been resisting. This wasn't a bad chapter for me, but it's been a busy week (preparing for my son's party) and I honestly forgot to do morning pages...twice! I feel a bit guilty, like I cheated, but I'm not going to let that stop me from pushing forward.

I will write about my artist date shortly. THAT I found time for. lol

Hugs, Ily

Dream With the Fishes said...

I just went and watched your video and very much enjoyed it! It was so nice to see and hear you. And now I know that I was pronouncing your name correctly in my head, too. LOL!

I have to say that I do this thing you do, as well - the thing with getting sidetracked by other things along the way to doing the thing you meant to do in the first place. I was going to bring that up in one of my "observations" posts. Heehee! I have heard a lot of other people saying they also do the same. It's our way of procrastinating. But I know, it really seems like these things NEED to be done first, before we can concentrate on what we want to do!

I just posted my midway check in post tonight, as well!

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely post as always. I have not been great thispast week. I don't know why I can't get into the morning papers (or evening papers as the case may be at times!)
Love your spot for writing!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

That's what I have been doing... resisting.... Keep up your hard work.

Kavindra said...

Morning pages are going great here, everything else, such as posting about AW or going on my artist dates ... not so much. I am thinking of a one night solo-camping experience later this week for an artist date. It's scary!

Mare/TommyGirl said...

Congrats on all you have accomplished! I think distraction will happen, partly due to our censor and a lot due to life. Just keep chipping away at it!

Anne said...

Getting distracted sounds just like me!!

While I was on vacation I wasn't very good about my morning pages, but I've done them both mornings so far since I've been back. I have lots to think about and write about for chapter 2, but getting back into the swing of things has been slow.

Glad things seem to be going well for you, even with the distractions! Thanks, again, for using my button! And thanks for being such a good motivator!

kikipotamus said...

When I was doing The Artist's Way, getting my morning pages done was not an issue because I kept the notebook on the bedside table and would not allow myself to get out of bed until they were done (except sometimes to pee and come right back again).


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