Monday, August 08, 2011

A sparkling week

Last week I started receiving the Sparkles e-course mails and got to work with each of them.
I took some of the exercises and completed them as they were prompted to a T. Others, well, let´s say I tweaked them a bit to fit me. Better say that I tweaked them until not even the author would recognize them. :D
Day 1: Jamie Ridler marks the start of the sparkling time.
Day 2: I wonder what Andrea would say about this. But there is a relationship, I promise. A very long winded stream of thought jump from one thing to the next type of relationship. It sounded totally logical at the time. :D
Day 3: got colourful with Connie. Played with my Wishcasting Journal by Jamie Ridler.
Day 4: Christine sent me in search of old notebooks. As in really old. Think teen age years old. Not doing the math. ;) And no, you don´t need to do something similar. It is only where it took me. And that was fun.

Day 5: if you think about Susannah you think about photography. If I say Happysnappy, you think about pictures as well. Ok, this is one of the exercises I tweaked to do on the road.

Day: Another opportunity to play with my Journal thanks to Kimberly
Day 7: delightful in a stretching, relaxing way. A real sparkle to your day. Doing what Annabel prompted involved some of this
and some of this.
Looking forward to next week. Not only the sparkling exercises but getting to know these fab teachers a bit better from their cyber homes.


Kavindra said...

You had fun! I am in love with Cruella Barbie there too in your journal! (And ps, you don't need a prompt to sparkle <3 )

misteejay said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself with this.

Keep sparkling my friend.

Toni xx

Andrea said...

I think it's fantastic!!!


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