Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Update mosaics: June and July

While making my July mosaic, I noticed I hadn´t made June´s!
Here they are:
This is what we´ve been up to in June 2011
1) Coffee morning with Sabine and our Artist´s Way books
2) A challenge that had bracelets as theme gave me the 365POTD idea
3) WIP Tati´s necklace hanger
4) Tennis washing
5) Coffe
6) Homemade cake
7) Stickers
8) For Daniel
9) Ashes from the Puyehue vulcano
11) Trip to the supermarket
12) Dog sitting Candela while my in laws were away
13) Finished Life is a Verb by Patti Digh
16) Eat by: my next birthday
17) Mati at his UN project
18) Our nephew Nicolás birthday party
19) Father´s day
20) Flag Day
21) Tati had the honour of carrying our province of Buenos Aires flag at school because she was chosen as best classmate by her peers
22) OH NO! I forgot the PictureOfTheDay for the first time this year! Bummer.
23) Hello Kitty sweets for Tati´s birthday
24) More Hello Kitty party stuff
25) Take out food
26) Daniel´s birthday
27) My ID arrived by mail
28) Tati has a new mouse PJ
29) WIP
30) New toy boxes

Onto July:

3) Tatiana´s 12th birthday
4) The Artist´s way by the fire with Frida
5) Antibiotics for Tati
6) Mints for Daniel
10) Manuel Mujica Lainez´s home/museum
11) Los Cocos More info about these places here in the holidays post
13) Cerro Uritorco
14) Los terrones
15) El camino de los artesanos
17) Tucumán´s mall
18) Independe´s house museum
19) On the road again
20) After so many pics I forgot to take one at home!
21) The neighbour´s tree
22) Tati´s box is finished
23) The artist´s way outside
24) Our niece V
25) Boardgames by candle light (Power out)
26) Local museum
27) The mall with mom and the kids
29) The WIP
30) Finished Faith and Will by Julia Cameron


misteejay said...

Super collections of photos to highlight what has happened each month.

Toni xx

Camilla said...

What a neat idea! Very cool to have those to look back on and get a "snapshot" of your month!


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