Sunday, October 02, 2011

Chapter 7: Half way there

Welcome to our Chapter 7 first check in!

Are you writing your morning pages? Are you using the same notebook/pad/folder that you did in chapter 1? Is the size/style still working for you? Have you changed it?

Have you gone on an artist´s date this week? Do you have a lists for the next places you want to visit?

Have you been working on your tasks?

The lovely Connie Hozvicka is playing along with us this week. She wrote "Total alignment", a free online workshop that is designed to align your body-mind-heart with your creative source. Through FEARLESS™ Painting and basic yoga goodness you mindfully begin to clear your path to creative source and listen to your innate wisdom. This workshop is intended for everyone of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds--from the full time professional Artist that is feeling stuck and in need of a boost of inner inspiration to the fresh newbie just starting out on their Artist journey eager to learn--and of course, every blessed soul in between!

From task #2: Do you create while listening to music or do you need a quiet environment to work?

Oh my goodness!! I'm all about the music! YES! YES! YES!! Music is a huge part of my painting practice for sure. I listen to everything from Kirtan music, to hip hop, to my beloved Michael Franti and Jack Johnson that I can never get enough of!!

From task #3: Have you created a sacred space within your home?

I am so lucky--I grew up in a home that totally supported my art making from day one--and to tell the truth, even as an itty bitty, my Mom carved out a corner of the basement that was dedicated to my wild wanderings with a paintbrush! Even then I called the space my "studio"--and ever since I left my childhood home to go out on my own--everywhere I have lived has always had a dedicated room or space for my art making. Currently my honey and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment--and the one bedroom is solely dedicated to my art making--I have one wall completely covered in cardboard so I can paint directly on the wall!

And the carpeted floor is covered in those indoor/outdoor rugs--and in the corner is my favorite part of my studio--my alter, where I meditate and center myself before each creative spurt!

From tasks #5 & 6: Has your clothing changed to reflect your changes in creativity?

Well if the fact that almost every single piece of clothing I own has paint stains on it counts--than yes! But, I have to admit--I was much more creative in my fashion choices as a teen and in my early twenties--but eventually grew quite fond for solid colors and straight lines. The one thing I do express my creativity through often is my hair. Yeah--my hair is definitely a great barometer of my creative journey!

From tasks #8 & 9: Which is your favourite entertainment (apart from making your own art)? Movies, books, music?

I am a huge reader--mostly books on yoga, spirituality, and art of course! I also love hiking here in the desert landscape where I live, playing my harmonium, shooting photos with my Big Girl Camera, and vegetarian cooking is another one of my interests as well!

Thank you so much Connie for sharing your creative space and your own process with us! To see more of Connie´s work vist her at her cyber home "Dirty Footprints Studio". You will I love the deep thought that goes into each of her posts. Her photography is way cool and her stories take us with her through the range of her emotions, being able to connect to them and experience life through her eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview with Connie; thanks for posting that!

I'm still hanging in there with Chapter 7. I've read the material done the exercises, and completed one task. I plan to look at doing a few more tasks over the next week.

Scarlet said...

I love the interview...very inspirational. I have a little corner in the playroom that's all mine and I intend to personalize it more and more with my work and things that make me go mmm. :)

Loving Chapter 7!


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