Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chapter 9: Half way there

You may remember that at the end of chapter 5 I interviewed Jamie Ridler (Missed that one? Click here to read it & watch Jamie´s video for you). Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios is a creative living coach. From coaching to workshops, from podcasting to blogging, Jamie´s work helps women find the confidence and courage to discover and express their creative selves so they can be the star they are.

Jamie has kindly given me three copies of Your creative Spark to share with my readers. Camilla won the first one and the second one will be given by the Chapter 10 Check In. That will be on Sunday November 20th. Just leave me a comment stating your interest to be added to the draw.

How to share with MrLinky: you type in your name in the first box (the way you´d introduce yourself) and then the url/link to your post (not your whole blog url) where you share your work with the current chapter. When you come back next week your name will likely automatically be entered but you need to redo or paste over the url/link with your new post's address.


Dream With the Fishes said...

I do remember and I enjoyed it! I would love to be added to the draw. Please count me in! Yipee!!

Camilla said...

Blocked on chapter 9 tasks. Afraid to dream. To put my dreams into concrete words. Not sure what my dreams are.

Re-read Morning Pages? ACK! I don't know if I'm ready to do that.

How do the rest of you feel?

realliverevolution said...

I'm on a different schedule than most of you, but I do enjoy reading all the posts and getting and idea of what's coming up. (The idea of reading through my morning pages is both scary and tempting.)

Anyway, here's my response to chapter 4:

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

I too am not sure about this chapter and reading my morning pages - they are just garbalde goop - so not sure that there is much for me to gain here. Thanks for commenting on my page.


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