Friday, October 28, 2011

Paint Party Friday #33

A.k.a: "the week I was not happy with the results" or "Darn, this wasn´t what I was expecting" or "Shoot. This needs to be sanded to start again" or ... well, you get the idea.
First: the candy box that I strated in June and painted in oils twice. This is the third version and still too bright. I don´t mind bright. I do mind the white that seems to show through although it shouldn´t.
Second: I painted Julia´s hair with the remaining oils. The background shows too much as I hadn´t gessoed where the hair was going, only the face.

Third: the only really new work. I like the bigger house as it is painted just like Tati´s set. I´m ok with the middle one. The one on the right will be sanded and painted again in different colours. They are all wips. Need a second hand in base colours and then I will start playing with stencils. Not real paint but fun anyway. My daughter needed a companion to play ball so she drew her own with water on the wall she uses to practice.


Gloria said...

I like all your work. Sometimes we aren't always satisfied with what we paint but others may not feel the same and I do like your creations, as well as your daughter's. Tee hee Have a great weekend.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

000000000h! Fun! Creative! Wow! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) ~ Happy PPF ^_^

pluckychickenheart said...

I may just start drawing companions on walls too. maybe I won't look so weird muttering to myself.

I like what you have done. But I totally get it when the picture in your head doesn't match the project in front of you.

I've got about 88 of those staring at me right now. LOL!

EVA said...

LOL - love your daughter's companion!

I'm having a challenge with creations that look unlike my mind's eye as well.

Patience and persistence I tell myself or try something new until I want to look at the other again.

misteejay said...

Big hugs coming your way Paula - cos I know that whatever others say, if the project doesn't match our thoughts & ideas we tend to be less than satisfied.

Have a lovely weekend.

Toni xx

Janet said...

I actually think everything looks good but I know that feeling of not being happy with what you've done. Don't give up. You'll get it just right.

Julie said...

I like all your creations, the houses are so pretty!

Whitemist said...

i like that your daughter is able to create her own playmate.
All of us artists have issues with accepting what we do. Even my best work, if i look, i see something to be improved or a is the habbit of an artist.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love how you passed your creativity to your daughter. What a dear!

One of my artforms this year is also bird houses. I make them into writer's homes by gluing words/pages of old books on them.

I am on the lookout whenever I go to thrift stores or used book sales. Its become something of an addiction! LOL. And I have even sold some! YAY!

Anyway, hang in there with the pieces that aren't completely satisfying. I know that feeling all too well.

carlarey said...

You work on so many different kinds of painting projects. I admire how you turn your creative side to whatever you happen to be working on.

Mary C. Nasser said...

I really like the painted houses! :)

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Geckostone said...

Great idea drawing a companion,lol! I think I will try that! Great wips, I love your houses! Deb

Kristin Dudish said...

What a fun post... I love the idea of drawing yourself a companion!


Victoria said...

Oh my..very very beautiful...I love her face..gorgeous..beautiful energy!! and such color harmonies here..i feel refreshed and happy..beautiful Paula!


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