Friday, July 27, 2012

A pretty make up bag by Susana Baisel

Each Monday this month I brought you a task to organize your spaces: pens, papers, jewelry and now make up. Each Friday something practical and something crafty for storage.

For the make up that made the cut here are our options.
Option #1, the ready made: buy a pretty bag to put your make up in.
Option #2, the crafty one: make your own make up bag in fabrics that combine with your clothing and decoration.

As my mom has always told me to take care of my friends, this week I called one to play with me: Susana Baisel, from the blog "Design your life" (DiseƱa tu vida).

Susana is an interior designer who likes to create and have fun doing things with her own hands. From her site she shares tips and creative advice, projects, decorative ideas, inspiration for interiors (check that room out! It´s awesome), cool findings from the web and shows her own creations.

I invited her today to share how to make these cute make up bags. Thanks Susana! It´s a pleasure to have you here.

Step 1: cut two circles (42cm wide) in two different patterns. Face the fronts and sew around the border.

Step 2: make a small slit in one of the fabrics, so you can turn them around. Iron them for them to be really flat. 
Step 3: go through the same process with another two fabric patterns, this time make the circles 32cm. wide.  
Step 4: put one circle on top of the other, choosing the sides so that the slits can´t be seen. Sew the circles together to form six pockets. Also sew two parallele lines near the outer border. You will use that casing to put a ribbon through it and close the bag.
 Step 5: put your treasures inside the bag! Here´s the finished one.

See you on Monday for the next task! You can get your reminders at my Paula - Buenos Aires Facebook page.


Louise said...

oh wow, you've made it look so easy! so pretty.

misteejay said...

Thank you for sharing Susana's make-up bag with looks so sweet.

Toni xx

Clarky said...

Oh so cute and pretty! I'll be back for more inspiration x


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