Thursday, October 11, 2012

The ebb and flow of cyber friendships

I´ve been meeting tons of new bloggers through Blogtoberfest this month.
Some of them were interesting, some of them were instant friends in a flash of recognition for a kindred spirit. I´m following some with Google reader, I´ve liked some in Facebook.

On the other hand I saw an old post coming at the bottom of the newest one and checked who were the "oldies" just the day one of them sent me an e-mail to invite me to her new cyberhome and I searched for another one to rekindle the conversation.

That took me to the ever present question: how many feeds can I honestly handle? One hundred are too many for me, 50 are too few. I like to keep them in 67. Nice number. *wink*

My cyberfriendships change as much as irl ones. What about yours? Do you have a chore of old timers and then new ones that come and go? Or new ones that come to stay? Do you cull your FB friends? And your feeds? Am I asking too many questions? ;) :D


joy said...

I think I follow about 120 blogs - including yours - and have roughly 100 FB friends (I am Joy Shallcross - the only one!), and I suppose I do a cull roughly every 6 months, unless I start to follow a blog which I subsequently find I dont like after all, then I cull it earlier than that. Some blogs are updated pretty sporadically so following them isn't too difficult, but I guess Blogger and FB take up roughly three quarters of an hour of my day - I'm lucky, I'm a retired empty-nester, so that amount of time doesn't impinge on anything more important. I've certainly followed quite a few new blogs since the start of Blogtoberfest, but wonder how many will stand the test of time? Joy xx

Sian said...

I don't want to count how many blogs I try to keep up with! I love to keep track of my own followers and then I have others I read for their glorious inspiration too. I try to comment on as many as time allows becasue I always appreciate it when someone talks to me - it's always a good day when someone new says hello!

misteejay said...

I have a core of folk that I follow plus loads of others that I find along the way - but I do have too many to comment on every post (although I try to visit as often as I can).

My problem is that I find things I like and if it isn't a site I follow I often forget where I've seen stuff. Head like a sieve me LOL

Toni xx


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