Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Planning and scheduling: calendars and planners

It is never too late to start a project! No matter if we are two, four or eleven months into the year. You can start where you are right now!
Take Buenos Aires for example. Here March is the "true" beginning of the year with the kids going back to school, loads of new courses and everybody back from their summer holidays.

What is the first step to plan a project? A time frame.

I start with a BIG calendar. In this case looking at the whole year to choose what to do when.
Year by seasons on my wall
Which projects to choose? Let´s start by goal setting. You can go the colourful way with pretty pens or a more linear B&W scheme. Once you have your goals you can translate them into action plans with detailed steps on how to get where you are going.
Goal setting with colours and music
And now onto scheduling the plan you have.
Last week I told you that for me home and work need separate plans, that is why I have two planners.

After a few years of trying out page-a-day and two-days-per-page planners for work I have decided that a-week-at-a-glance is the format that works best for me. I can schedule things and see the pattern. Eg: every Wednesday, a content post. Guest posts on Fridays. I can have a visual reference to know where I have "empty spaces" quick and also measure the time left for a deadline.
A week at a glance home planner with crossed out done tasks
Each time a task is completed you get the satisfaction of crossing it out! :D

Tell me: Do you use a planner? Paper or digital?

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misteejay said...

I tend to use a 'week to view' calendar for most of my basic planning. I have a large A4 version on my desk at work for 'work' planning and I carry a smaller A5 with me to note work & home stuff so that I can ensure things don't clash.

I do use my electronic calendar at work so other folk can see what I have planned but I much prefer working with paper.

Toni xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´ve never seen a planner in A4 here! It must be great! Cool idea to have a smaller one to carry around.

Brittany atSeventeenHourDays said...

I download a free calendar printable from online and then save it in a word document. I don't really want to use something online, and I don't want to print something out because I move things around too much :)

I don't do a ton of planning though. With two little boys, its hard to plan much!

Mandee said...

This is a great post. I am such a planner too. i plan my meals for a month at a time and also our activities. I think if i didn't plan I would lose my mind and be overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Jennings said...

This was seriously so timely for me! Just a great post and I love the organizational pictures on your blog! Just bought a "Mommy Planner" and its been a real lifesaver. Great tips!

Anne Butera said...

I love how organized you are, Paula! Working on a calendar for the year's planning is something that's been on my to-do list but that I never seem to get to.

The idea that you can start any time is really inspiring, too. March is my birthday month, so I like to think of it as a time for fresh starts.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Kelly M said...

I don't really have a planner, just a kitchen wall calendar and the reminders on my iPhone's calendar. With no kids, no pets and the social life of a true introvert, there's little need for a planner. :)


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